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    Monster Hunt Academy cheat world: welcome, recruit. I hope you’re ready for your first day at academy. If you survive the next few month here, you will become one of the elite monster hunters that bear our crest in battle. As monster hunters we have the rare ability to resonate with dangerous magical beasts, taming and training them to work with us. There is one top ranking character in each major elemental school: fire, water, nature, ether, shadow and light.


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    But there are seven grandmasters right now as the Azagora twins share the position of grandmaster of shadow. Jack Rimehart is our newest grandmaster, an expert in fire beasts. He was a fresh recruit not long ago, so he should be able to teach you the basics of hack cheats.

    Monster Hunt Academy cheats android, ios hack codes

    You’re still a noob, so let’s start with a simple practise battle. Since you don’t have any monsters, i’ll loan two of my best. Remember monster have different skills and strengths, as well as weaknesses. Fire monsters are strong against nature monsters, but weak against water ones. When you’re ready, select your monsters and click the battle button. Unleash a skill to deal great damage to the enemies.

    Monster Hunt Academy carnite gems
    COnserve and use higher level skills to deal more damage. TO give you a head start, hack is gifting you with four eggs. Bring these to the hatchery. That’s where we go to get our eggs hatched into monsters. You have three free incubator slots. Tap on each incubator slot to load your selected egg. If you’re feeling impatient, you can hack cheat carnite gems to speed up the process. Check your adventure map and make your way to greenwoods. It is home to some farming and logging communities. The area is relatively close to the city, so it should be safe enough for a new recruit.

    Monster Hunt Academy secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the selenite mountains were crystallized during a battle between two powerful ancient magi. As you level up, you will gain skill points as a monster hunter. These can be assigned in two skill trees to boost certain traits. Some can boost things like resonance XP gain rate, or the defense of your monsters. Take some time to explore the different traits before you decide. Remember that if you change your mind, you can use carnite gems to reset your skill points and start over.


    Hints: multiple identical runes equipped on one monster will have stacking effects. The academy gives you extra rewards when you complete specific mission objectives. Monsters with higher resonance (star) ratings cast more powerful spells. Don’t forget that equipping multiple runes on one monster can trigger special set bonuses.

    Monster Hunt Academy hacked

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