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    Generals Call cheat world: the yellow turbans are causing chaos all around. We should suppress them at once! Who will be the warrior to break the enemy? I am willing to follow you to suppress the yellow turbans. Please click the campaign button to save the world. Click the destination to advance. Ma Chao is a warrior, and good at leading warrior troops. Please send a squad of shield bearers.


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    Click hero avatar to start battling. Click a troop’s avatar and you can consume army provisions to send out troops. Your majesty, collect relevant hero’s shards to get a new hero.

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    The capital of THorem and the largest city on the continent. Situated in sheltered terrain, the city has drawn traders and prospered for centuries. Greenwoods - a peaceful and quiet forest, this woodland provides Thorem city with most resources needed to prosper. Fusing monsters of the same species will grant more resonance XP.

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    SOme nearby villages have been attacked by monsters from the woods. These creatures usually stay away from human settlements. A reward has been offered up for anyone who can help chase them away. Water monsters are weaker against Ether monsters and stronger against fire monsters. Having a healing heroes in your team increases your odds of survival.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: essential material for promoting heroes. A kind of common stone seal. Eat peaches to increase hero health point in battle. use skill points to improve skill power. Upgrade troop levels to improve your combat effectiveness. Bombs can attack the enemies crowd by crowd and inflict great damage. Sweep the level to get its rewards quickly.


    Hints: the boss will capture your hero whose specialty restrains his to PK. Different troops and heroes of same specialty play different roles in the battle. Complete targets to get remarkable rewards. Before the battle starts, the formation of heroes you deploy is very important. You can get 60 HP by using a peerless tally.

    Generals Call hacked

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