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    Ouroboros Project cheat world: The zombie is stearing at me. In front of such a monster, lost the ability to think. Damn it! It rushed over, but the body can not more. I risk being killed to save you! i do not allow you to die. It may hurt a bit. I allow you to scream. Under severe pain, the scream cannot even come out. It may take some time to recover. Let’s retreat now.


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    According to your orders, all the civilian survivors have already taken refuge. The mission is accomplished. But the connecter involved in the mission except this guy has all dead, this guy also suffered serious injuries. Without me, the guy should have already dead. I am cheat-on, dare not to be a saintess. In the future, let’s continue to save the world together. Though we have left most of the zombies behind, some are still scattered along the road. But it doesn’t matter, you just take care of yourself. I’m strong enough to beat them all.

    Ouroboros Project cheats android, ios hack codes

    Now that you have lost your memory, let me tell you everything about our hack cheats. You may find some things weird, such as vagrant Promoters, missiong hack resources and so on when you are exploring...look! There is one over there. We can only carry limited supply in each exploration. usually these are supplies in these treasure chests usually, so don’t miss them on your way.

    Ouroboros Project gem crystal
    Each battle requires consumption of 20% alloy and dark matter. If the carrying volume of alloy was below 50%, damage would decrease. If shooter carried less than 20% dark matter, they could not cast skills. Pay attention, HP will not recover after battle. Each battle lasts for 3 rounds. Assassins will make an additional round of execution after round 3. Wiping out the enemy will get S evaluation, if we take fes damage, then we will get the better SS evaluation. If we didn’t wipe out the enemy, but defeated them, we would get A evaluation. If we were totally defeated by zombies, we would get F evaluation. Of course the higher evaluation we get, the better trophy we’ll obtain.

    Ouroboros Project secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the less alloy you have, the lower your battle power is. Let’s talking about the vagrant promoters. We will occasionally encounter promoters of other connectors in an exploration. If they are willing to help us, we may get their assistance in battles. But don’t expect too much. The assisting promoters also have their own connectors and missions. We’d better be grateful for their goodwill. See the giant zombie? It’s leader of area. As long as destroy the zombie leader, other zombies will leave, then the area will be safe.


    Ouroboros Project Hints : however, zombies are just like insects, which can not be exterminated. Even if you eliminate them all this time. Next time, there will be another nex zombie leader. But if you leave them alone, it will become a scourge. So they must be cleared timely. Kill the leader, and get an a-level victory, then you can complete this task. Wizard class gives priority to attack assassin

    Ouroboros Project hacked

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    1. 8r3U8KUr7U - rapid treatment
    2. 0USTNIeRrE - chest
    3. HIwxfRbkbN - food
    4. gp8V0CSc3x - gold
    5. ZWNXQ7enGp - crystal gem
    6. WvExrG2iC7 - upgrade
    7. ckxKWjk5eI - premium pack
    8. 3OTVAsDNAU - gift
    9. R8WXA3yHq1 - tickets
    10. 0GzPZ6YRWe - coupon code
    11. tzzc7lGTBK - voucher
    12. u5eOGju7MT - level up
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