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    Xeno gate cheat world: under the light of destiny goddess in Easter Land peace had lasted a thousand years until queen of demon Andariel breached the wards of light. Leading her chaos legion and invading creatures corrupt gods fall flames of war spread. Easter land sinks into endless darkness. Twined around by strings of destiny Xenogate open. Following the call of destiny heroes travelling through space time arrive.


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    My lord, it’s the chaos legion. Andariel corrupted the residents of Easter and enrolled them to the legion. Harder war! Since the chaos legion assailted Pantheon, Easter has been the battlefield among demons. It is said that the Xenogate appeared. Just when the Xenogate appeared, lots of strange warriors appeared in Dead desert. They are neither demons nor easter residents. Perhaps the dead desert has fallen into the control of Andariel. Anyhow, go to the desert and see what we can do.

    Xeno gate cheats android, ios hack codes

    Congratulations, you go a bag of sapphire, which can be obtained by topping up or quests and used to hack heroes and buy items. Through summon, you can recruit more heroes that are wandering in easter or from other worlds. There are 2 types of guardians! Some cast skills and others provide stats bonus. Characters: physical - a mysterious girl from unknown land. Her small body contains great berserker power.

    Xeno gate sapphire
    Each summon rewards luck points, which can be added up to open the chest below and just effective for only 1 day. The qualities of the heroes from lowest to highest are: common, rare, elite, epic, and legend. Better quality means stronger hero. Through formation panel, you can send heroes into battle.

    Xeno gate secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: stage - here are the achievements you have reached. When a specified quest is finished or hacked, you can claim huge rewards. Don’t forget it. You could use sapphire summon for free once per day. Clear more battles to earn higher revenue from practice. You may spend Amethysts to summon powerful heroes from Valhalla.


    Xeno gate Hints : sage seal grants you 20% more minerals. Assist heroes can cast combo skills with heroes in battle. Star-up your lord to raise power of allies. You may find pleasant surprises from ruins exploration. Hero card - can be used to summon a random hero with varied abilities. Attack order of heroes depends on their positions in formation. SO please deploy your strongest hero in the front row.

    Xeno gate hacked

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    1. HZRkjyiKsa - friendship points
    2. lD8k9ohqF5 - gold
    3. GniMIDPZfD - legend summon
    4. lTYKXFpHfY - sapphire
    5. BK452UpgEr - amethysts
    6. 2nYHDIS1k8 - level up
    7. l2148Hcru3 - premium pack
    8. 0ExO8W3Qul - tickets
    9. y9WDojdrz5 - vip gift
    10. WhQuASK9vt - rune
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