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    . DUTY OF HEROES WW2 cheat free code list - essential pack, diamonds, gold, stamina, upgrade, materials, level up, evolve, luxury card.

    DUTY OF HEROES WW2 cheat world: Commander! We need a rest for new battles. Tap to open warehouse. Tap to use the beginner hack pack. After vicktory, we can use the obtained cheats for upgrade and enhancement. Damage dealt to tanks from most troops will be reduced, while rocket soldiers can deal extra damage to tanks. Troop cultivation requires munition, while tank cultivation need steel.


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    If you encounter tank destroyer alone, don’t be afraid. They can’t turn around easily. You can go around to its rear before attacking. To unlock more troops, we need to obtain their corresponding troop fragment. We can draw troop fragments in lottery system. Battle units can join battles only after deploying. You can rest damaged units or rest interface to recover their groove.

    DUTY OF HEROES WW2 cheats android, ios hack codes

    Complete all the missions to obtain the mission rewards. Complete 3 of the followings to win chapter rewards. You can complete the mission to pass the normal dungeon 2-3 based on the mission description. When in battle, double tap a soldier to select all soldiers, and double tap a tank to select all tanks. Inactive battle performance in the beach defense leads to no rewards.

    DUTY OF HEROES WW2 stamina
    The raid function costs stamina to help you obtains stage rewards quickly. As war goes on, battle units will be damaged to some extent, so will the combat ability. The troop power can be improved through troop upgrade, troop evolution and hack upgrade. You can use the necessary low - level materials to merge high level materials.

    DUTY OF HEROES WW2 secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Code book - applied to the improvement of aid skills in research center. Dress material - soldier HP AC upgrade materials. When succeed in normal dungeon, you can get troops upgrade materials. Repair factory - rest troops for continuous battles. Arena - challenge players to win server ranking. Join legion for legion wars. Tap arena, select and challenge a rival to improve ranking.


    A great number of gold coins can be obtained through the Opposing fronts. 40 Sherman fragments can be hacked in arsenal to unlock the sherman tank. When in battle, fold two fingers to zoom in and unfold to zoom out. Avatar can be changed for free, but renaming charges a fee.

    DUTY OF HEROES WW2 hacked

    how to enter hack cheats DUTY OF HEROES WW2.

    free letter secret password code:
    1. dgV6UF8CdV - essential pack
    2. eJ6uy4CQbw - diamonds
    3. GgabuztM3D - gold
    4. ajeXdpqDoL - stamina
    5. 8hcP7E5Zg6 - upgrade
    6. eMlxNIfXQY - materials
    7. 3Ml5LR2mpc - level up
    8. pyCC0yPhEr - evolve
    9. rZrH1zNO6c - luxury card
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