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    Bridge Constructor Portal cheat world: so, you want to be reassigned as Chief Custodian for the aperture science vehicular hurdling initiative? That’s the spirit! We admire your principles so long as they’re ours. I’m required by protocol to conduct an interview with you. Now get to your desk and make us proud. Don’t get too cozy reading construction magazines. It’s time to get started.


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    Enrichment center regulations require that all trainees pass a battery of custodial proficiency tests. Don’t worry, we’ll be securely withholding your paychecks during this probationary period. This series of test chambers will test your construction and deduction skills. Are you ready to earn your golden chief custodian hat?

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    Hello and welcome back to the aperture science computer aided enrichment center. According to internal provisions, all applicants must complete this test series for testing series tests. Before we start, however, please note that serious injuries may occur. The enrichment center is proud to announce that your family will be notified in the event of a work fatality with no additional garnishment to your wages. Your first task is to build a bridge so that a test vehicle can reach the test chamber exit.

    Bridge Constructor Portal mod
    First we need to remove the useless assembly left by your predecessor and we don’t mean their family. Remove all existing components. Tap twice on a component or joint to remove it. Next we will supplant a new construction using aperture science convertible scaffold planks. Follow the guiding lines to build a scaffold for the bridge. Starting from an orange anchor point, draw construction components with your finger. Use the undo button or double tap on a component to remove it.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: The bridge still requires a roadway for the test vehicle to drive on. Fortunately, each aperture science convertible scaffold plank can be converted into a roadway and vice versa at any time. Simply tap any component you have built to turn it into road, and vice versa. To overcome obstacles, you will often need to construct your bridge uphill or downhill. However, instead of destroying these components we will modify their location.


    Build up your constructions using triangles. This way you get stable structures. To distribute pressure try to increase the number of supporting struts; sister supporting struts; combine several construction methods. Shallow angles are ineffective: the pressure pulls the construction down but the cable only holds the construction to the side = only little effect in trying to hold the construction up. A redirected cable is able to hold the construction against gravity.

    Bridge Constructor Portal hacked

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