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    . Orbix cheat free code list - crystal, gold, fish, wood, stars, upgrade, ships, chest of gems, level up, unlimited energy.
    Orbix cheat world:our village needs you to rule over us wisely and protect us from Lokku! Oh no! It’s Lokku and his devouring hordes! We need to work faster to build our defenses. Let’s start with an archer tower (just tap on the hammer icon). Place the tower so it can protect the tower hall. Almighty you came back to us just in time, you’ve saved us.


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    We have seized enough resources to upgrade our town hall. Tap on the town hall building and choose upgrade. Now that we've upgraded the town hall we can build new buildings. Control: how to attack? Choose a troop you want to deploy. Tap on free space on your side of a planet. To see the galaxy map tap the sword icon.

    Orbix cheats android, ios hack codes

    Characters: Big Bro - living tanks powerful and sturdy giants can take a massive amount of damage. Prioritize attacks on enemy towers. Gain speed when near small units. Overseer - powerful close range units who can buff your spearmen strength and under the right circumstances even throw them at the enemy like cannon balls. Skirmishers - a group of four warriors armed with javelins which they throw at the enemy at the close range.

    Orbix fish
    Shaman - small abominable sorcerers who can capture enemy territory with black magic. Spearman - your army’s cannon fodder. Archers - deal substantial ranged damage. These units are brilliant at hacking defensive troops. Can be used for quick attacks or to hack the enemy towers fire to themselves. Skills: Bait - creates a decoy which forces enemy towers and units within area of effect into attacking it. A priceless spell for distracting powerful enemy towers and saving your units lives.

    Orbix secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can remove a card from deck by tapping it. To add a unit to the deck, tap on the unit’s portrait. Prepare for various battle by adjusting your decks. You can fight against opponent in battle, and win reward chests. Play in hacking mode to earn even more gem chests. Commander, let me give you an introduction to the features of each unit. Leveling up will enhance their abilities.


    Collect the stars (10) in battles to gain a star ship. Training ship - fully loaded training ship awaiting takeoff flight distance is about 1m thousands of light years. Available positions will have arrow indicators above them. Select a position to assign the hero. You can also swap heroes’ positions. Select the hero to swap positions. Then select another position to move the hero to.

    Orbix hacked

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    1. EJdlnSJMPa - crystal
    2. FhrFu4uR0c - gold
    3. KmT7Axgg3r - fish
    4. xaa8Vpwfzl - wood
    5. 4GfrjxBUJn - stars
    6. aR7GAc8soR - upgrade
    7. z8fhlm8QA5 - ships
    8. eha19viAuY - chest pf gems
    9. BsfsCZc7Op - level up
    10. p1C5Ax2Wp5 - unlimited energy
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