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    Luna Chronicles R cheat world: after the twilight of Gods.Only one of the men and women survived. The two gods gave new life to dried Igdrashill and rebuilt the shattered world. The two gods birth to four sons, the first one Panther, the second Nacoon, the third Derotooth and the fourth Telaras. And in order to honor all the life of the dead, Helleshielt was built and created a new life.


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    The third Derotooth, who aspired to become the sole creator of the throne, killed two parents and fought with three siblings. In the course of battle, Helleshielt Temple was destroyed and three siblings sealed Derotooth on the moon. The three siblings who use a lot of power in this event went to sleep. After this, the human being can feel the existence of mana’s presence in the unknown force of moonlight, regardless of the gods. Centuries passed after this event...

    Luna Chronicles R cheats android, ios hack codes

    First, if you have more companions, it will be useful to stop Erega later. If you need more people, you can come and recruit here (hack cheats). Then, before the full scale adventure, please patrol the forest near village. Battle menu - this is where you can place fellows in battle form. You can place maximum 5 companions. I bet you need to strategically place fellows according to the enemy type? I will tell you the automatic formation which is more convenient. Collect the roulette points in dungeon and turn Luna’s light.

    Luna Chronicles R carats
    If you fight is getting tough, you can get help from your friend’s characters one time. Yo strengthen your power you must need strong companions. I will tell you the basic information about increasing power of your fellows. It is leveling up! By hacking unnecessary companion card you can increase your companion level. Luna Chronicles R secret code hack tips
    Tip, android gameplay secrets: We’re giving rewards for accessing the game. If you are accessing in the game, you’ll receive items. It’ll reset every midnight. If you hacked 7 days in a rowl extra rewards will be provided. Using big actions will lead to slowing down your attacking speed for the next turn.


    You can get lots of gold if your ranking is higher in burning holy war, arena, and daily ranking. If your force is weak, try to advance your weapon. If you reached level 30, you can upgrade your class using evolution stones. You can use partner materials to level up. If you use the same type of partners, you can get 150% of experience. By consuming high rate companion, it will give you higher experience point. It is more efficient to spend developer fellow Mush.

    Luna Chronicles R hacked

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    1. KDKQCoPDD3 - summon partner
    2. fAjYpJkEro - draw equipment
    3. 1rKDmS2XXW - carats
    4. 4tYvh5vd0Y - keys
    5. RTruQhmodf - evolution stones
    6. ACHfCwXDnO - roulette points
    7. er30NTzWyq - gold
    8. xP2OO7ZuUS - upgrade
    9. mm7iZpIprw - level up
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