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    Lord of Dungeons cheat world: the civilization collapsed. No one remembers those glorious days. Shattered lands forgotten legends. All of them are waiting for you. There’s no time to explain. Please get up! Stop imagining things, and check your earnings. We need many visitors for me. I mean, the town to become rich, so you must manage the dungeons well.


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    Monsters’ abilities are affected by their condition each day. Their elements and relationships with other monsters also affect them. Assigning companions to collect products. A skilled companion can produce more output. If we expand or evolve the dungeon, we should be able to get more items. You just need to wait for the earnings report. Drag a companion to the area to explore.

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    We need more dungeons and monsters to attract more visitors and increase our earnings. Exploration ends when there are no remaining turns. The more you expand dungeons, the more resources you can get. As long as your companions are capable. Add monsters to your dungeons and adventurers will start visiting them. Attractive dungeons and capable monsters always draw a crowd, you know. But even the most capable monster cannot make a dungeon popular by itself, because its condition changes depending on the way you station it. Monsters cannot shine if they’re not in good condition.

    Lord of Dungeons jewels
    Keep the following rules in mind: a monster’s condition changes every weak. Condition lowers in incompatible dungeons. It’s best when the monster’s property matches the dungeon. Characters are affected by one another. A hero’s condition improves with its favorite monsters, and is lowered around its least favorite monsters.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: basic dungeons stats: size - a dungeon’s capacity to accommodate visitors. Small dungeons, no matter how popular, cannot accommodate all the visitors they attract. Size really matters for dungeons. Hack popularity: demand for the dungeon increases as it becomes more popular. And more visitors to the dungeon will increase you town’s profits. Increasing demand for your dungeons is really important. Use your dungeons and monsters wisely to attract more visitors and you’ll be wealthy in no time! Hack resource: indicates the types and quality of resources that can be found in the dungeon. Cheats relic: indicates the types and quality of relics that can be found in a dungeon. High cheats relic stats increases the quality of relics found in the dungeon.


    Lord of dungeon demand status: managing demand for your dungeons is the first rule of thumb when it comes to dungeon management. A dungeon’s deman status if affected by its popularity and the station stats of the three added to it. Lord of dungeons that have high popularity hack and monsters with high station cheat stats attract more visitors, but being too popular is as serious a problem as not being popular enough. It’s important that you maintain a suitable demand for each dungeon.
    If lord of dungeon hack too crowded, it starts bursting, causing the monsters to go on strike or, worse still, it collapses in on itself. Also, overcrowded dungeon can be invaded by monsters from the outside. If a dungeon has too few visitors, it becomes Idle or Deserted and fails o generate adequate profits hack. Keep your dungeon in pleasant condition so they can serve a suitable number of visitors and encourage them to drop by your town and use your facilities.
    You’ll get jewels when you explore a new undiscovered area. No items has been produced in dungeon? Station a companions with high station stats to produce items more effectively. Honor point reward is determined based on the level gap. Rare dungeons can only be obtained through evolution.

    Lord of Dungeons hacked

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