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    Hero Conquest cheat world: the insurgents are attacking the blue heaven, we must stop them. Cheat-on will be by your side all the way. Don’t you look down on me, i’m a super powerful hack fighter. Let’s start searching for the strategic map. The enemy is nearing, don’t just stand there, click on the circle beneath my feet, command me to battle. The enemy is getting close! Once they get to the right side, the battle is usually lost, so vanquish them before they reach there!


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    In the battle we just fought, I got this small experience potion, it can help me level up! Enemies are very strong, let me teach you some battle techniques. Knight - with high defense and health, can protect those in the back from damage. Warrior - can cause great damage in close ranged attacks. Long range damage output - can do great damage in long ranged attacks.

    Hero Conquest cheats android, ios hack codes

    Leda - the incarnation of the God of darkness, became a loli somatotype due to the fragmentation of the essence of darkness, even so, his power is still incredible. Toby - the real talent of lost Church, it is said he can become stronger as long as he watches others’ battle video recording. Eugene - a graceful merchant, like a ladyboy in his behavior. His real identity is the leader of coffee tantrism.

    Hero Conquest gems
    Slime - small monsters, but don’t underestimate them, many people have been trapped in their heads and died of asphyxiation. Lightning slime - with electricity on all his body, the mutant slimes. Wright - the incarnation of the God of light, the top of the five elements Gods. Just standing there, his majesty can faint ordinary people.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Elite heroes: rickon - the incarnation of the god of water, likes to loiter in the world, finding talented juvenile and maiden and granting them power secretly. Constantine - the Pope of lost Church, a real battle maniac, his valour can bring courage for partners in despair. Ossir - adjudicator who is responsible for adjudicating members who commit a great sin, except the leader handed down from generation to generation in the Sun chivalric order.


    Be careful, if the enemies get near archer, he can only use short range defense, and attack will be halved, so please don’t let them get too close. YOu can level up after putting on the equipment.

    Hero Conquest hacked

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    8. 3qwcYVdFLx - premium pack
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