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    Glory Of Empire cheat world: in the imperial year 1273, the annual investiture was held. The newly promoted lord presented himself before the emperor Gufeld Balsa in Palania, winning the emperor’s praise for his outstanding wisdom and insight. Accompanied by the previous chief architect of the empire, Flan gier, the emperor decided to pay a visit to the city of personally.


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    My lord, we must hurry. Under such a circumstance. His Majesty’s patience can be exhausted at any time. We must first build new buildings if we want the city to develop. We need a building workshop to build buildings. Thank god we already have an abandoned one here, and we only need to fix it. We have to build dwellings for the people, so that they will come here and the city’s population can grow.

    Glory Of Empire cheats android, ios hack codes

    You can find the dwelling in the public category of the building menu. Every city needs dwellings for its population to grow. You can hack the speedup button to finish the building process immediately. Before proceeding to your next move, we need all resources available. Remember to claim the quest reward. The farmland can produce wheat, which is the basic raw material for making food. A farmland can only be built on a fertile land. As you can see, the production of wheat will start automatically when there is an idle population.

    Glory Of Empire silver
    My lord, now we need some agricultural processing buildings to hack lovely loves of bread from wheat. Food is not the only goods there. People will trade in the market, buying and selling all the goods there, and our city’s tax revenue also comes from there. We get silver crowns by taxing the good traded in the market, which of course is done automatically. Beware that the dwelling must be built within the coverage of the market, otherwise not only we can not collect the tax, but the residents will also leave because of the lack of food.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: almost all buildings require light lumber to build, and to obtain light lumber, we have to collect logs from the surrounding forest first. BUild the sawmill at the designated location. Its distance from the warehouse and the forest will decide the production rate of logs. When there is an idle population and trees available for collecting, the woodcutters will spontaneously go to felling the trees. Now we need hack some industrial processing buildings to process the logs into light lumber.


    In the early stage of the cities’ development, many lords are willing to hack money in attracting people to work in their cities to speed up their development. If we want to build an army, we need soldiers, and soldiers need weapons. Take the most basic spearman as an example: you can find their weapon producing building - spear workshop in the weapon category of the hacking menu. When the training spears are being produced, we can build the barracks - where the soldiers rest from their training.

    Glory Of Empire hacked

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