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    Pocket Era cheat world: welcome to iskra! I’m cheat-on. One of the member from the exploration team. The exploration team still has a lot of questions it needs to answer. But now you came. Iskra is a world hacked with wonders! Every pokemon has unique charms that set them apart from the crowd. Let us look around the field base first. The base is located in a place known as the Jorin island.


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    By the way, iskra exists in a powerful space time vortex, and can only be entered through the Jorin islands. There is a different way to get pokemon in iskra. Many characters in island have been affected by Akala energy and sealed inside these ancient pokeballs. Thousands of years later, these pokeballs still contain pokemon cells. Actually we wake cells that lie dormant inside pokeballs, so that the pokemon can live again.

    Pocket Era cheats android, ios hack codes

    Iskra characters is different from other areas. With the help of the gem hack, wakened pokemon become even more stronger. After got a new hero, we should practise battle. Tap the explore button, you can choose where you want to go. There are 5 types of Akala energy, water, fire, grass, psychic and ghost that interact like an extended version of rock paper scissors.

    Pocket Era gems
    Water beats fire, fire beats grass, grass - water. With psychic and ghost, they are both strong against each other. Learn to exploit your strengths and win victory! We can power up poke tag in special way. Attribute of tag will be increased greatly at last. Don’t forget to power up your poke tag. Energy transfer is a device. Pokemon can transfer hack energy to other characters by it.

    Pocket Era secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Pokemon that absorb these energies mutate, gaining the properties of Akala energy. These type properties override the character’s original type interactions. After transfering, pokemon will become more powerful. Losing Akala energy means they lose the bindings of Akala energy, and return to their original type. You can gain more experience when use high star and level character to transfer energy.


    Every day the secret hack happens to appear in legendary land will open to friends. Poke tag will get bonus attribute when enhancement of poke tag meets +3, +6, +9 and +12. Found horde encounters to obtain fruits corresponding to the number of joined friends.

    Pocket Era hacked

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    free letter secret password code:
    1. IBfCSbxhvv - friendly point
    2. 78UDMkRAYG - gem
    3. kKkrWYyduR - gold coins
    4. mT4m2bDaRJ - treasure
    5. KmjfhmHOZ1 - energy
    6. eFQ8SlnFWJ - fruit
    7. U52r7MCN5s - gift box
    8. p78IgFCaBf - upgrade
    9. QFnlTirsbS - tags
    10. v1PuLKbiHT - level up
    11. PvyFCF5RKa - cash
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