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    . Hello Hero cheat free code list - craft box, gold, gems, card, hero points, lottery ticket, jewels, costumes, stamina energy.
    Hello Hero cheat world: We have met a while ago. I’ll formally introduced myself. I’m cheat-on, i’ll help you on your adventure. If you want to join the adventure, you need to set the deck. I’ll tell tell you how to set up the deck now. Try to touch the hero button once. The first and second position will be set in front of the formation. Third position is in the middle of the formation. Fourth and fifth positions are placed at the back of the formation, you can make a efficient deck by matching the hero’s combination well.


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    Adventure button help you move to an ongoing adventure. When you press it you can see the progress and simultaneously change to shortcut. Let’s use the skill to win in a battle. There are a lot of opponent. First use intensive attack to defeat them one by one. Use first aid to get out from enemies’ attack.

    Hello Hero cheats android, ios hack codes

    Remember this, upgrade menu will be shown when upgrade is available. Touch start upgrade button. If you have upgrade, skill level up is available. I have forgotten that you need hack cheats to upgrade skill levels. If you press the activated level up button you can upgrade your skill level. Right, let me tell you one more thing. YOu can collect friends in the adventure, but you can also recruit friends by hero card lottery hack.

    Hello Hero jewels
    Ah! Do not forget the free chance to summon through normal card pack everyday. You will not need any chetas, ticket or gold. Would you like to set up your own deck this time? Now you are good enough alone. I’ll just come out and let you know when you need to know something. Once you’ve set up your deck, let’s continue our adventure.

    Hello Hero secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: in the battlefield, the less rare the hero, the quicker it will participate in the battle. Skills: continuous attack - inflicts physical damage to the target and knocks the target down. Passionate shout - increases physical defense of all allies. When you complete the proceeding story, you can get the rewards. Grow up the hero by hero upgrade.


    Gem hack increase resistance to attributes and is related with skill levels. You can receive the cheats reward from the mailbox. You can raise your adventurer level through hero level growth and upgrades. The hero can level up using experience potion obtained from crafting, hacking or obtaining EXP from adventure. Lowering the graphics option can reduce battery consumption.

    Hello Hero hacked

    how to enter hack cheats Hello Hero.

    free letter secret password code:
    1. OaP0CfD3xB - craft box
    2. JnWQEKReCK - gold
    3. ADRxXi0RGn - gems
    4. BoacnvzBDY - card
    5. VSbxuQngiT - hero points
    6. t3ZUoUGh52 - lottery ticket
    7. Aags7CLzgA - jewels
    8. k2BKkZJ9LS - costumes
    9. FOkDqVk5zT - stamina energy
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