Contra Return hacked
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    . Contra Return cheat free code list - hire contract, gold, diamonds, friend points, vip, medals, gems card, revival, upgrade, level up.
    Contra Return cheat world: hey, captain! Wake up! We don’t have time to take a nap! I can’t believe you are this relaxed to take a nap! Other mercenary groups are focusing on recruiting new people and here you are taking a nap! I don’t believe it! I’m starting a project to expand the mercenary group right now. Press the manage deck button. This is where you can see all the heroes you acquired and organize offense deck. Select the heroes to place them in the deck.


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    Warm up screen before the battle - you can choose the offense deck to go with you in this adventure. Items you discovered can only be acquired when you clear the adventure. Be warned that if you fail to clear, you cannot acquire them. For some items you acquire, their contents are hidden. You open them individually or open all at once by pressing “open all” button to see the contents.

    Contra Return cheats android, ios hack codes

    This time, we will be learning how to hire heroes from the item shop. You can hire heroes by hacking hire contract, gold or diamonds from the shop. Press manage heroes button - this is the place where you can strengthen your characters. heroes can gain experience from hack cheats, other heroes by consuming them. Using this method, you can use other heroes to raise EXP of other characters.

    Contra Return diamonds
    After certain level, you will get a buff. Energy shield - absorb all damage for a short duration. Lightning strike - stun the enemy with a powerful lightning strike. Gun turret - summon a gun turret to provide fire support. Dark blade - change forward and perform a powerful melee attack. Focus fire - aim manually and shoot magic arrows with extra critical hit.

    Contra Return secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: in the special event, you can acquire special effects and special items. You can enhance your hero’s ability by upgrading hero equipment. Save your energy, most weapons require energy to fire. If you are out of energy, you can switch to melee attack by closing up to the enemies.


    A hero that reaches the maximum level can be promoted using hack cheats, 3 heroes of the same rank and stone of growth. You can activate set effect by placing heroes from sam original story. The same kind of buff effect does not overlap. Only the most effective buff will be applied. And buff duration will pass like the rest of the buffs.

    Contra Return hacked

    how to enter hack cheats Contra Return.

    free letter secret password code:
    1. 4XzWEV61aJ - hire contract
    2. eCDXwKHhMg - gold
    3. n9N1DYdhmU - diamonds
    4. 5dPc9ebgS3 - friend points
    5. 6MXQsZ9O0j - vip
    6. JYUpCKAhAj - medals
    7. iYbOdPB91n - gems card
    8. EHA9vemtdb - revival
    9. 7tXHi6GljY - upgrade
    10. feUtmi9mS9 - level up
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