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    Ironbound cheat world: player information - the emblem shows your health and your equipment. You can wear up to 4 items: a main weapon, a shield or odd hand weapon, and two trinkers. Press and hold on items to see detailed descriptions. You can also press the portrait to obtain information about the character. The number under the weapon icon indicates the amount of damage it does.


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    Action points - using items or tokens costs action points (AP). Player start with 1 AP and gain one more point after each turn, up to a maximum of 10. When you run out of things to do, press the end turn button. Tokens - represent the abilities of your class. You can hold at most 7 in your hand. At the beginning of each turn you draw one token, unless your hand is full. You can press the pouch on the right to see how many tokens are still in the deck.

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    Effects - this area shows active effects. Blue borders are positive for you and red borders are negative. Normally, items can only be used once per turn. This is why your weapon is now disabled, even though you still have enough AP to use it. Shields - when it’s active, incoming damage is reduced by the value of the shield, also called the defense value. The shield deactivates (breaks) after it absorbs damage, so you will have to play the item again after an enemy attack.

    Ironbound tokens
    The icon on top of you indicates that the shield is now active. End the turn and see what happens when the enemy attacks you. Multiple choice tokens - some tokens have two possible effects, and you must select one. Each weapon type in Ironbound (sword, axe, hammer and so on) has a different critical hit effect. The critical hit effect and chance are shown in each weapon’s description.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: enemy effects - watch this region of the screen for effects active on your enemy. YOu wouldn’t want to waste an attack you’ve carefully prepared because the enemy had an invulnerability spell. Multiple attacks - play chain strike. This re-enables your weapon, so you can attack twice during one turn. Bonus damage - hack crushing blow. This effect of this token expires after your next weapon attack, so you will not lose the bonus if you don’t attack this turn.


    Class states - each class has a special state which is triggered by a certain condition. Press the icon above the portrait to see details about the special state. Enraged - while the berserker is at 30% health or below, he gains 20% critical hit chance. Some tokens also behave differently in this state. If you end a turn without using your hack weapon, you will enter the parry stance. YOu now known everything needed to hack Ironbound. Play unranked matches to test builds without risking your position on the ladder. Have fun!

    Ironbound hacked

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