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    Ragnarok Rush cheat world: the Kiel Hyre academy opened this mercenary training camp after the disaster. IT’s where your story begins. Welcome! Today’s training objective is to hunt 300 porings. You must get used to doing things like this to pass your test. This is the fastest way to become strong. YOu’re the only one in the shole camp that hasn’t passed the test yet!


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    This is the adventure gate. When an AOE skill is used, a magic circle will appear on screen. Touch and drag the magic to the area which you wish to activate the skill and release. Accessories, wings, and weapons affect your appearance. First, let’s check out the characteristics of each job. keep swordsmen on the front line to protect those behind them. Mages deal large amounts of damage, but they’re too weak to front line. Casting multiple special skills within a set amount of time lets you activate multi attacks. Attrain multi attacks to do extra damage.

    Ragnarok Rush cheats android, ios hack codes


    Characters: swordsmen - have their headquarters in North Izlude. They train their swordsmanship day and night, and wear their battle scars proudly. A traditional tank class, the swordsman parries enemy attacks and strikes back viciously. Magician - the mage guild is located in Geffen, the city of magic. It’s members are seekers of the truth and incarnates of destruction. Mages specialize in powerful attack spells and crowd control effects.
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    Thief - a secret organization exists inside the Pyramid in Morroc. Its members, assassins, stealthily move in the shadows and eliminate their targets before they know what hit. A physical attack class, thief’s boasts extremely fast attack and movement speeds. Acolyte - is the most popular class for its ability to bless and heal allies. Acolytes are proficient in support magic, and use holy power to heal their allies and themselves. Archer - is located in Payon. Archers are agile bowmasters who can hit enemies a thousand leagues away. Archers attack distant enemies, keeping them at a safe distance from their enemies.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: each boss monster in MVP mode has a different attack pattern. Use odin summon hack to recruit powerful pets. Enhance equipment to the maximum level, and you can refine it and uncap the enhancement limit. The higher your pet potential and star levels, the more you receive. Combine shards into pets and strengthen them.


    Tap the poring in your base every day. Purchased products cannot be returned once their instant (daily) rewards are redeemed. The gateways your guild occupies create a chance of spawning. If you run out of Eluniums while refining equipment, then you can use diamonds instead. Legacies of the Gods found from these dungeons can be used for. Don’t forget to wear equipment.

    Ragnarok Rush hacked

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    11. YD7PwnSPxiHIrgu - rush
    12. hLHFhQb3JZ364vj - luxury package
    13. 5pHzFE122qKVyip - energy
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