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    Battle Kingdoms cheat world: my lord, i was just out at the market when i came across this young man. He insisted on meeting you. I couldn’t stop him. I heard that you are planning to campaign against Dong Zhuo, and have come to offer my services. You only have one warrior, and he’s a foolish one at that! You really think you can take down Dong Zhuo? how can deal so much damage with just a slash? It is the effect of skill combo. Hero’s slash skills can immobilize the enemy, dealing 3x damage.


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    Tap chapter to view the enemy formations and rewards of this stage. Tap on battle to go to the warrior selection menu. General Guan Ping is a front row warrior. Not only does he protect the back row, but he can also interrupt enemy skills. Ms. Lu is a back row warrior. She can attack from position of relative safety using her long range. My lord, if we want to defeat Dong ZHuo and rescue Diao Chan, we will need to assault Tiger pass. To get there, we will need to keep pushing forwards, defeating many enemies along the way.

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    Lu Zijing’s (water dragon prose) is very powerful. Use general Guan’s ultimate to interrupt him in time. Interrupting enemy special moves will earn you spirit stones. I’ve heard that there are people in the Inn who collect this type of stone, we should try to gather as many as we can, i’m sure they’ll come in useful. The enemy leader is about to use his special move. Quickly use your special move to interrupt him.
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    Dong Zhuo’s fiercest officers - he has high health and defense, a well as the ability to interrupt skills. We all have skills, which are split into eight classes: immobilizing, striking, water, lightning, fire, wind. For example, in the battle against LU Bu a few days ago, i casted the water dragon spell. Lu Bu was inflicted a moist status. Guo Jia then used strom breaker. With electricity hitting the target with a moist status, a paralysis status will be inflicted. That’s the skill combo in the legend.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: complete trials at the military HQ to get large amounts of silver and equipment. The order in which you use skills in the arena can be extremely important. Complete daily tasks to get amount of experience, silver, and gold. Press down on top area to see the daily maximum number of spirit stones you can collect. My lord, you will receive hack rewards for accumulating certain amounts of level stars. Try hard to pass levels with 3 stars.


    YOur earthquake slash can inflict stun which is one of the immobilize effects on enemies. You must use skill combo in battle, otherwise you won’t be able to counter. Position of generals - a starter tank that has a very high HP when skill 4 is unlocked. It deals decent damage and is durable even that resources are low. But it’s M.Def is too low, especially fragile when faring magical parties.

    Battle Kingdoms hacked

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