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    Elvenar cheat world: what a beautiful place! My name is cheat-on the builder. Old Tanavar sent me to guide you through your first steps. If you want to build a splendorous city, we should start right away. We started constructing our first residence. Now all we need is a street that connects the main hall with the new buildings. Now i can start building the residence. Soon, our first citizens will move in. I am so excited! It is time to show you how to research new technologies. This will allow us to build a variety of buildings.


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    Build a workshop to produce supplies. Know that we need to invest our knowledge points to research new technologies. You can see how many knowledge points you have at the top of the screen. They slowly increase over time. Our first citizens have moved in. We can now build a workshop where they can produce supplies for our town. The building is already connected to a street, so construction can begin without delay.

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    Our citizens pay taxes and produce supplies. In return, we should keep them happy, shouldn't we? FOr that, we need more culture in our city. Don’t forget to place one of those cultural buildings in your town. Just researching them will not be enough. Remember this: if your town has many cultural buildings, you can collect more taxes from residences, and your workshops produce more supplies. Uh, i forgot to mention something important about the workshop we have built. It will only produce supplies if you order them.
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    I apologize for that, but now your people are working. Just keep them busy and order new wares when they are done. This will guarantee a steady stream of supplies. Sometimes, you may want to rearrange your town. Thankfully, you can move all your buildings. Convenient, is it not? Try it with your builder’s hut: move it to the highlighted location. I will explain what you can do here later. Do not forget that most buildings need a path to connect them to the main hall. Cultural buildings don’t need one, but residences and workshops do.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: there is another important important thing i wish to show you. I can upgrade almost every building in your town to make it more efficient and even more beautiful. Upgrading buildings takes a while and lowers your culture, but when you run out of space, this is your best option. You can even upgrade the same building several times.


    Now you know the basics of how to build up your town. But there is even more to do. You may also want to explore the areas surrounding your town to gain knowledge. Our scouts have discovered the first province next to our town. From there, we can also see some neighboring towns. You might want to visit them later.

    Elvenar hacked

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