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    ChronoBlade Heroes cheat world: 700 BG, ROman Empire, kingdom of light, King Lucius Priscus II was in power. Political infighting was severe. As well as the local forces were fighting over food. The king was in a coma due to the chaos, the anxious queen asked the sorcerer to find cure at all costs. There were a blood stone of dragon that can cure all kinds of illness, the sorcerer asked the orc tribe chief to find it. There were sorcerers, elves, and orcs; the sorcerers were in power.


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    The elves played an important role to keep the whole society in balance. And the orcs could only take working class jobs. Class tension was a serious issue at the moment. Receiving the order from the king, the tribe chief immediately send Ares to carry out the task. So of the tribal chief, Ares, trained to use all sorts of weapons and also well educated, was one of the best among the tribe. While taking this secret order, Ares had no idea it was the beginning of overthrowing the kingdom. There were Monen and Shiya going with Ares during the journey, together they walked through all the obstacles, some of those even threatened their lives.

    ChronoBlade Heroes cheats android, ios hack codes


    we must stop the armies of the Chronarch imperium! Tap adventure! Your journey begins here, in Midgard. YOu must hurry before your world is overrun by beasts. Combine your light and heavy attacks to perform combos. Landing an attack will restore your mana, and longer combos deal more damage. An elite monster is approaching. It must be the source of all this destruction.
    ChronoBlade Heroes gems
    Elite monsters take less damage from your normal attacks. Tap a skill button to unleash a powerful attack.Watch out when an enemy glows red. An unblockable attack is coming! Double tap the block button to dodge. You need mana hack to use skills. The mana is hacked when you hit enemies with your normal attacks. Tap manage button to change your equipment.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: First, you must unlock your new equipment. Tap level up to increase its base stats. Tap “+” to increase the desired level. After a battle, your equipped items gain experience. Otherwise, you need to use potions. Each piece also has unique bonus stats. Tap upgrade to increase this stat using hack, cheats, gold and materials. This stat has reached its maximum level for now. YOu will need to level up the equipment to increase this bonus stat further.


    Your maximum equipment level is the same as your current player level. level up to strengthen your equipment further. You need to clear a map with 3 stars to use auto complete. Try to get 3 stars in all maps.

    ChronoBlade Heroes hacked

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