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    Titan Throne cheat world: When the Titans who once ruled this land disappeared, they left behind a mysterious Throne. Legend states that the one who claims the Throne will take the continent! Many years ago, the Titan Throne reappeared in our world. Forces of all kinds fought tooth and nail to claim it. In the chaos of battle, all traces of the Throne were lost. However, it was clear to all: The day the Titan Throne reappears, the flames of battle will light yet again.


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    My lord, welcome to the land of Titan throne. This mysterious world is filled unique peoples and creatures. You are the lord of a castle in this land. You will fight to protect your home, expand your territory, and grow your alliance. May you one day rule this land. The land is torn apart by war. The people long for a hero who can restore peace and honor to their homeland. Right now, not a single corner of this continent is safe.

    Titan Throne cheats android, ios hack codes

    • Undead - death worship has long been the heart of undead civilization. they believe that all creatures turn undead after death. An innumerable army of souls and corpses serve them, many as evil as they are powerful. Troop types: skeleton, phantom, corpse eater, cart, vampire, ragdoll, dead knight, lich, zombie, dragon, death.

    • Orcs - adore vast land and enjoy absolute freedom. They have derived an unique tribal culture based around totem worship. They also admire pride, courage, and independence (high damage, hp, physical attack). Troop types: infantry, boar goblin, centaur, harpy, ogre, shaman, cyclops, plumed serpent, behemoth, balde master.

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    • Humans - respect sanctity and light. They wish to create a pure, free world in which they may spread the light of divinity, a gift from the angels (balanced, high morale, healing, buffing, physical defense). Troop types: shield, gunner, priestess, templar, griffin, war priest, knight, light spirit, angel, golden dragon.

    • Elf - elegant and patient, elves believe in nature and harmony. They protect the forest and all living beings. however, they do not hesitate those who threaten nature (many ranged units, high luck, strong special abilities, powerful spells). Troops types: fairy, ent, green dragon, elf archer, druid, blade dancer, unicorn, eagle rider, mountain giant, elf elder.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: let’s learn how to battle. Once your hero is in formation, you can assign the troops you want them to lead in the army screen. Units with high luck have a better chance of landing critical hits in battle, dealing bonus damage. To recruit more soldiers each time, upgrade the summon portal! As your castle wall burns, it will lower your defense and reduce your volunteer army. Don’t let it burn too long.


    Iron fist deals physical damage to the frontmost enemy units. Orc clash deals damage to enemies within range, and boosts the morale of a random ally unit. Drag to an enemy unit to cast this spell.
    Note: you can get a lot of gold from hard mode adventure. when an ally is in battle, you can send an army to assist. join an alliance to gather from the alliance’s elite mines. Wisdom towers affect your maximum alliance technology level.

    Titan Throne hacked

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