Empires War - Age of the Kingdoms hacked
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    Empires War - Age of the Kingdoms cheat world: my lord, congratulations! You got a city. Develop it now to protect your territories. Firstly, build a house to improve population which is the key point to develop a city. Build one house in building store. House is where your workers live. Upgrade it to increase workers as well as speed of construction, production and training. Next, build a mill to produce food to support your army and workers. You need enough resources to develop your city.


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    It’s time to upgrade town center to unlock more buildings, active gathering, and increase army size. Build one sawmill in building store. Sawmill is where wood is produced, and wood is the key resource for building. Click to collect resource point. It may need workers and will last for a period of time. Resources should be collected in time once they’re produced, or may lose them when your city get raided. Go to town center to levy one time. You will get large amount of gold rapidly via levying. The more land you occupy, the more tax you gain.

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    House - increase worker amount and storage capacity. Town center is your most important building. Upgrade it to unlock more buildings, which may enable you to develop your city to higher level. barracks is where you can train infantry which is a kind of military units, composing the main force in city defense and expedition. Train a group of militias in barracks. Militia is the basic infantry unit. Upgrade barracks to unlock higher level infantry units. Gate is one of the most important city defences. Upgrade it to strengthen it and unlock more city defences.
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    YOu can only take archaeology once you’re equipped with tools. CLick outer city button on left bottom to occupy a plot of land. You can win the land if you defeat the defenders. Higher level land may get higher level defenders as well. Gather fragments via taking archaeology to occupied land in outer city. Forge tools with fragments to take archaeology to occupied land. The more land you get, the more profits you may gain. Upgrade or build more house to increase farmers you could hold.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: once you finish a quest, you can get rewards. Player will be able to carry a pet to march, and pet will be released after marching. You will receive a report which includes battle details when each battle ends. You may check battle details here which can help you understand units betters. Special events may occur on your newly occupied land. Send your troops to explore. Mysterious treasure chest appears, and will disappear soon.


    choose a plot of land to explore. There will be random events in outer city, and will only last for a period of time. Seize the chance to win big rewards. Click worker icon on top to assign farmers one time. There’s maximum and minimum capacity of workers in production buildings. You can assign workers to improve work efficiency. Archers is kind of military unit that compose the main force in city defense and expedition.

    Empires War - Age of the Kingdoms hacked

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