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    Valiant Puzzle Warriors cheat world: last night, i picked up a tip that Toyo Harada’s Harbinger foundation was active again. The foundation took teenagers with special powers, known as psiots, and recruited them to be in Harada’s personal army. I was almost one of those poor kids until i was rescued. I don’t want others to go through what i had to, so i’ve enlisted some help to stop Harada. I’ve worked with bloodshot a few times in the past. his blood is packed with billions of nanites, which turn his skin white and let him regenerate from almost any attack. He has history with Harada, and tends to solve his problems with bullets. Seems like a good fit for the job.


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    Each hero has 5 unique abilities: passive, offensive, defensive, control, ultimate. Match elemental gems to charge hero abilities of that color. The battle lasts until one hero loses all of their HP. In moves mode, players take alternating turns of 5 moves each.

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    Shooting gust - faith sends out a torrent of wind clearing away all dangers in front of her, and holding up her opponent. Aerial affinity - faith gains 20% extra mana from air matches. Gale burst - faith rushes past her enemy, picking up debris as she goes and slamming it into the opponent. Wind wall - faith harnesses the companion field to lessen the impact of incoming attacks. Aerial barrage - faith uses her companion field to throw her opponent into a whirlwind she has whipped into a frenzy.
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    Swipe left or right to move sideways. Swipe up to rotate. Swipe down to drop to the puzzle floor. Try and keep your finger within the swipe area for maximum comfort. Use repeated short swipes to move fast. Match four of the same color to pop them (defence). Popping also destroys surrounding blocks. Match five 9or more) to create an attack. Attacks take the form of small armies sent to invade the opponent’s board.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: your battle ceiling goes down over time. There are ways to speed it up or down, using battle spells found throughout the world. Crystal shards can be removed and reassigned freely at any time towards any other crystal. In this game, your goal is to fill up the opponent’s board with stones to win. To do that, you control falling coloured pieces called glus. Try and match at least five of the same color to create attacks.


    You popped a chain of five, enough to create a mall army. watch your attacking army invade your opponent’s board. Done, the glus were replaced by stones. Cover the entire board to win. To defend, match and pop only four glus. No army will be created, but it’s a fast way to clear space. Try sending small attacks as early as possible, to give you time to build a longer, more powerful army next.

    Valiant Puzzle Warriors hacked

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