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    Brown Dust cheat world: Fabian, the Karian Empire’s greatest warlord and most venerable nobleman, suddenly rose in revolt. The betrayal of this man, who was more faithful to his country than anyone else, shook the entire empire. Emperior Altair II sent out thousands of troops to stop Fabian and his rebel army. The rebels were inferior to the imperial army in number, but the six wicked companions of Fabian known as the Six devils, were strong enough to reverse the situation on their own. Fabian, the leader of the rebel army, eventually murdered Altair II. This became known as the Solar eclipse, with the emperor’s death being compared to the sun being eclipsed by the moon in the middle of the day.


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    The imperial army struck back, and Fabian died. The rebellion was put to an end, but barely. The empire suffered irreparable damage. Without the emperor, the royal family quickly lost its hold over the empire, and change came as if it’d been destined to happen. The bordering tribes decided that they were tired of being dominated by the empire. They elected a great chief, who united them into a grand alliance that they named Allan. The princedoms in the north proclaimed their right to independence, and formed the northern federation of Sbern to better protect themselves. A part of the imperial territory owned by the lords who weren’t happy with the imperial rule also declared independence and became the republic of Rian. The Karian empire was on the brink of collapse, but somehow it managed to restore order around its capital city and preserve its name.

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    Seven years later….The entire continent was rife with civil wars and international disputes. Trained soldiers became expensive commodities. Mercenaries happened to benefit from this situation the most. Skilled mercenary armies enjoyed untold wealth and fame wherever they went. And among them was one man, who became a mercenary under a false identity to revive his family and uncover the truth about his father’s death. The emperor killer. The moon that eclipsed the sun. The master of the six devils. The name that cannot be spoken...Fabian was his father’s name.
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    Master - no, i should call you “captain” from now on. Finally, we can show off our banner. As your aide, i, Cheat-on, will assist you to the best of my ability. We’re starting small , but before you know, we’ll rank among the greatest armies on the continent. Captain, as a commander, you don’t participate in actual fighting. This means it’s important that you deploy your soldiers to the right places. You can prepare for battle, deploy your mercenaries and arrange their attack order. battles are automatic, once they begin, you’ll have to watch them from a distance. So place your mercenaries carefully.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: gold - a major currency used for economic activities. Check in and get a gift everyday. Gifts are upgraded as event round progresses. Different gifts are provided for 4 rounds consisting 7 days each. You need to check in a row to claim the next hack reward. Rewards will be sent to the inbox. If you do no check in consecutively, the count will reset and start over again.


    Arena challenge event - where we reward you with diamonds and ancient coins if you participate in arenas during the hack period and achieve certain rankings. Place warriors behind defenders, so they won’t be exposed to enemy attacks. You can check a mercenary’s class by the color of its tile. See the blue tiles? Tey’re defenders. Red tiles are for warriors. You can freely place mercenaries while holding them down.
    Characters: Rogan - highly resilient warrior specialized in finishing defenders.

    Brown Dust hacked

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