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    Mini DAYZ cheat world: welcome, survivor. YOu are trapped on a small island, and your only chance to get to another one is to find a boat. Choose the movement controls mode. You can switch between them anytime. Use the interact button to pick up items and interact. Here you can check all your items you picked up. Hands slot - it is always available, even if you have no other gear. Use items by tapping. use drag and drop to manage items in the inventory.


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    Infected ahead! Attack it by moving closer. The fight will proceed automatically. It looks like you’re bleeding. Find a bandage or tear your t-shirt into rags. You can reload your weapon by tapping this button. If you have suitable ammo, if will be loaded. Switch between melee and ranged weapons mode. A water pump - you can drink from it and fill up your canteen or water bottle. You can gather berries from some bushes, just look around.

    Mini DAYZ cheats android, ios hack codes


    As long as you keep surviving and killing enemies, you will obtain experience points (XP) to unlock perks. Choose one perk and tap on the plus button, it will always be active until your character dies. Repair boat with a wood pile to move further. Chop any tree with an axe to get a wood pie. Rigenette skips one enemy to attack the one behind it.
    Mini DAYZ gold
    Perks: red - lowers the blood loss when the player is bleeding or feels sick. Scout - you can spot enemy survivors from a greater distance. Sprinter - run speed increases by 10%. Sharpshooter - increases a chance of headshot with a ranged weapon. Snowborn - cold resistance increases by 20%. Hamster - hunger rate decreases by 15%. Survivalist - regeneration speed doubles if your blood drops under 50%. Hunter - animals have lesser chance to spot player. Camel - thirst rate decreases by 15%.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: auto deploy automatically deploys mercenaries, following certain rules. The results may vary, depending on the mercenaries you have. Deploying them manually based on the enemy is usually more effective. A catapult geezer is hiding behind a defender. rigenette skips one enemy to attack. You can use her to eliminate him.


    Welcome to the hack cheats tavern. Mercenaries from all over the continent congregate here. You can visit me from recruit menu. The number above each mercenary indicates their place in the attack order. Attack order affects your battle results.

    Mini DAYZ hacked

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    1. 7r73Rzw6P9cPuHg - gold
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    3. 0uHObfoPhdfpDLt - skill point
    4. nSpI9CRjffG9X6E - weapon
    5. bUxQXoQjcIpVyV9 - restore HP
    6. 5MRBPG0GOplZJyM - premium ticket
    7. 0IVcSyZz9evdguJ - craft mode
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