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    Storm the Gates cheat world: Stormgarden was once a beautiful land under the rule of king mode. He was a wise and just king beloved by all. Then one day he was suddenly snatched from his throne and carried off by the dark dragon Villena. The dragon cast a dark shadow over the land. The once thriving kingdom of Stormgarden was plunged into an era of chaos. FIre and rage gripped the people of Stormgarden, turning them against each other. The land was torn to pieces.


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    But there is still hope. Will you rise to the challenge? Will you rise as a hero and take back Stormgarden? Tap an enemy to target. Tap a skill button to cast. The giant mushroom lumbers off as you fade into unconsciousness. Your hear a voice in the darkness. Oh dear. Another hero’s life cut short by fungusaur. He’s still breathing? Let’s quickly get him back to town.

    Storm the Gates cheats android, ios hack codes


    Ho brave adventurer. You’re finally awake! I am Cheat-on and this is squire Traver. The dark dragon Villena and his great beasts have shattered this world. It is up to vanquish them and peace our world back together! To start, we must reunite the kingsmen and prepare you for the trials ahead. Sir Howard is leading a raid against the dark dragon’s followers. Let’s give him a hand. Let’s take a look at the world map. After the arrival of the dark dragon and his great beasts, a cult was formed to worship him. Villena’s disciples are everywhere, they must be stopped.
    Storm the Gates gold
    The dark disciples have taken over all the Strongholds throughout Storm Garden. We must storm the gates of these strongholds one by one and free our citizens. Help sir Howard with his ambush against the dark disciples. Did you know you can use emoties to better coordinate in battle? Use the second emote (over here!) to have your kingsman move to a certain spot. Use the third emote (attack!) to have your kingsman target a specific enemy. The 4th emote (help!) - revive you when you’re down.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: winning battles can reward you with chests, most of which take time to open. Leveling up cards helps level your player up, which increases health and powers up your Kingsmen. Player guilds appear in our lands frequently. Defeating them awards XP and loot. Before you can attack a guild tower you will need to build a tank that can smash through the gates. It is best to build a tank at the same level as the tower you are attacking.


    To start the fight you will need more runes to bless your siege tank. Runes can be found in monsters dens which also appear on your map or hack cheats. Each time you level up you will receive skill points that you can spend with any class trainer to learn new abilities.
    Characters: the knight has taken a vow to protect others. He leads the way into battle with a booming war cry. The priest uses the power of the gods to help the good and punish the wicked.

    Storm the Gates hacked

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    7. dtAoFXrTF4Jh5K8 - legendary weapon
    8. PxAfFTVo7iozPQi - level up
    9. EIDUtm4fQY9pcVt - upgrade
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