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    . Free cheats code list Epic of 3 Kingdoms - unlimited food, jade, treasure, special recruit, gem, level up, evolve, gold, diamond, premium pack.

    Epic of 3 Kingdoms cheat world: Dong Han again, and chaotic times, yellow turban rebellion. Why so suddenly.. My lord, don’t just blankly stare like that. Those heroes are already gathering. Come and take a look. Everyone, yellow turban are indeed a chaotic fraction and deserve to die, but not a degree that makes you guys trying to chop their head like this. World has break into chaos. You have to choose 1 reliable party for the future.


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    After your morale full , click hack button to cast ultimate. The one that can use skill are not only general. Even soldiers that had gathered can perform skills. Spearman skill preparation has done, let them come to frontline and charge on enemy. In tavern you can hack lots of general. My beer order can let get special recruit. As long as we have same goals and hearts, then there’s nothing to be afraid of strong enemy.

    Epic of 3 Kingdoms cheats android, ios hack codes


    There are connections between soldiers type. Shield>spear, spear> cavalry, cavalry> shield. Use to increase damage, and decrease damage taken at the same time. Cavalry effective against shieldman, and after that can get temporarily dodge ability. Up EX is the fastest and most direct way to power up your general. Enhance level cannot be higher than king’s level X2, so milord, quickly level up! We have succeeded on clearing 4S grade battle. can obtain treasure hack map box.
    Epic of 3 Kingdoms gold
    Characters: rifleman - the basic unit of the human race capable of firing from a distance. It is highly versatile and can pair combat with several human units. Phantom - only one of a crystal roses on the battlefield is true and houses the twin princesses of the Phantom, while the fake houses the greatest nightmare to the enemy. Fluffy archer - it wields the bow of a human hunter and swears to fight for freedom. Cool Teddy - capable of taking lots of punishment. Cool Teddy has sacrificed mobility for the power of being a building buster.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: When using EX besides look at its enhance grade, its you should also be caution of its level. Always upgrade town building to obtain bronze and wood. Skills: ambush - deploy designated units to mount an ambush and put it into good use when needed.


    Opponent too strong? Try to break your EX. Campaign map can obtain up EX gemstone. Be wise to set your own formation to make battle easier. General and other soldiers have job attributes, such as shield effective against spear. Upgrade market, obtain various items. Challenge team boss to obtain war seal. Don't underestimate any general. Everyday there are 3 extra food to get. Soldiers can upgrade and advance through hack seal.

    Epic of 3 Kingdoms hacked

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    1. 6bM9eViVDq9YyA1 - unlimited food
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    3. x1sPR2ceO2gyMyZ - treasure
    4. UVXZ1eyBHQvoLKv - special recruit
    5. 8nBI1sNhWejuXdF - gem
    6. VJgrqSZJjSIDMmu - level up
    7. I0jKRS7G5LddcvU - evolve
    8. flJr8YHhjKVRepz - gold
    9. jYdrf4JjdKBJedI - diamond
    10. TdITS5w0BAA5Nwz - premium pack
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