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    RUN OR DIE cheat world: alright, let’s get things started. You need to get out of Alize city pronto! That pesky bomb in the suit ain’t removing itself and getting you back to the lab won’t be easy. However, the suit will give you enough stamina to make it through. Now, on to the basics. Press arrow up to jump over obstacles. press arrow down to slide under obstacles. Nice! Saw that warning through? If you slide for too long the suit will overheat and...It’s far too unstable in its current condition.


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    Moving on..jump or slide to dodge those d-blocks. But! they can be quite helpful… Up ahead, do not jump! You’ll see. Ah! I see the robotik optimized Dynamo suit just booted up, or R.O.D. for short. My best invention yet! Although not quite finished it’s still operational. Only two skills can be used at a time. I have a map of the city through and i’ll be wirelessly loading the skills you need. Not my best idea, but better than being Scatiot’s prisoner, eh?

    RUN OR DIE cheats android, ios hack codes


    The first two skills you see at the top are leap and dive. In the bottom right, press the left button, and the right button to use them. Sometimes, jumping isn’t good enough to reach high places, in those cases use leap! Note that you can also jump, then leap to reach even higher places. Look ahead. See those little buggers up there? Those are sphereons. But not to worry, they can easily be destroyed with your skills. use leap to break right through them! Boom! Great. Speaking of great, because of their self defence mechanism..
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    Their shields are flat enough for you to be able to run on them. Use that to your advantage. Ok, let’s get back down. Your second skill. Dive, can only be used when in mid-air. The R.O.D suit is performing flawlessly. Now using all you’ve learned so far, let’s get you to the safe zone ahead. Oh, and before i forget, leap can also b used while falling! Excellent! I must be a great teacher. No need to thank me.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you reached a safe zone. I don’t detect danger ahead so i’ll load 2 new skills. Next up, you’ll be learning dash and EMP. Let’s start with dash first. The sphereons are going to try to black your path so, you have no choice but to smash through them. Use dash to break through. The EMP will send a wave to disable any lasers blocking the path.


    Additionally, the EMP has its own timer and can be used along any skill simultaneously. Use dash and emp simultaneously to get through. The R.O.D’s technology is quite unique since it gives its host unlimited energy. Last but not least, is the Ion beam! Locked and loaded, ready to rock. We’ll send the hordes of sphereons to oblivion and they won’t see it coming. Furthermore, the intensity of the beam will keep you airborne for a few seconds.

    RUN OR DIE hacked

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