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    Darkest Hunters cheat world: I don’t know why i survived. Should i be glad? People i loved.. they deceased. Death had come before they left or understood anything. And when i opened my eyes standing naked in the center of cinders, covered with blood and ashes of my family and friends, i realized that i would carry on my shoulders all the burden they didn’t feel. Is there any reason for why i’m still alive?


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    welcome, hunter! it’s time to face the evil that took control over this world. Your journey is starting now! Tap the map icon. Completing quests lets you get loot and chests full of valuable stuff. Connect crystals to move on the board. To make a melee attack, create a line between the hero and the enemy. Every attack consumes attack points. Tap the enemy to finish it. Tap the image of your character to open the equipment menu. Here you can compare items statistics - equip them, upgrade tem or sell them.

    Darkest Hunters cheats android, ios hack codes


    Chests found during the mission are always locked. Tap the chest to start unlocking. YOu can speed up the process of unlocking. You receive stars by completing quests. Stars unlocked rewards. All items found in chests are visible in the equipment menu.Your weapon becomes more powerful with every rank. You gained enough experience to level up your character? Tap the blue arrow on your hero’s portrait. Hold the spinning experience point, then drag it to the chosen phial.

    Darkest Hunters gold
    Use your close combat weapon to deal damage to your enemies. Visit buildings in the town to buy items and resources, learn spells, or change your hero. Click skill to see its description. Researching a skill requires time. Click speed up hack to speed up the process. Activate skill by dragging it into the free slot. When you reach 20th level, you will be able to participate in multiplayer battles.
    Darkest Hunters Hero: Lady Tinuviel - has never learned her true name. After the slaughter of her village by the forces of the dark lord, there was no one else left alive. Soldiers who found a child wrapped in the bed sheet could not find an explanation of how she had been able to survive.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: shuffle potion - drinking it rearranges the surrounding crystals and creates one special crystal. Results are random. Fireball - devastating fire magic attack that can be used on the selected area. Magic armor - passive magic. Increases your armor’s defense rate by 10% and strikes back with 10% of enemy’s attack when assaulted.


    Tap the faraway enemy to use your ranged weapon. Hold on item to view its details. The bear has high armor rate, that’s why your attack wasn’t effective. YOur enemy has low resistance to elemented attacks. How you know its weakness. By connecting five red crystals you’ve created a special fire crystal. Use it to knock down the bear. Hold and move the screen to look around.
    Darkest Hunters hacked

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