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    Tales of Gaia cheat world: the creator created Gaia and then gave it life. He divided Gaia into 9 areas, governed by 9 Gods. The creator worried that the greed of the mortals might destroy Gaia, so he created the ancient dragons and sealed them in the Moon with a staff. The ancient dragons practiced their secretly. Finally, they smashed the staff and broke the seal. Aggressive ancient dragons began to invade the world and suppress the weaker races violently.


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    With no place to retreat to, the humans ventured into the realm of Gods for help. The ancient dragons were punished by the creator. The creator granted divine power to the chosen warriors and asked them to confront the ancient dragons with the Defiance. Only you can lead us out of the reign of the ancient dragons. It’s tiring to teleport here from the realm of Gods. Take a rest now. You have to use weapons made of metals available in Gaia to confront the dragons - hack cheats. Take this weapon.

    Tales of Gaia cheats android, ios hack codes


    Characters: human - swordsman role: high attack, silence, stealth; knight role - high defense and high damage reduction against monsters. Titan - punisher: deals high crit damage, sprints several times, and pulls the target close to you; brawler: high critical rate, magic defense and movement speed. Elf - mage: magic damage and magic defense penetration; priest: healing and recovery abilities, damage reduction. Dwarf - sharpshooter: ranged attackers with high attack and physical defense; ravager - ranged attackers with high critical and physical defense penetration.

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    The divinium stone has inspired your potential. From now on, you can save energy in combats and when the energy is full you can release divinium skill to greatly increase your damage. WIth the help of the Creator, the Gaians who were chased away by the dragons returned to their continent. They then established stengade, and lifted the banned of resistance against the powerful dragons.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: crusader - this character can absorb a lot of damage by boosting his shield, but also packs quite a bit of punch. Lucky, the berserker has ways of dealing with this. You have a dual wield setup, which is ideal against shield users. You can use one weapon to break the shield, then the other will deal full damage. You also have an item with a pssive effect in one of your trinket slots. Press and hold on it to see what it does.


    You should play premeditation to gain an AP advantage. It will also allow you to use an item for 0 AP, so you can attack too after playing it. You can press combat log at any time to show a log of everything that’s happened in the game so far. Axes deal extra damage when you critical hit with them. The damage bonus is displayed in the item tooltip.
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