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    Siegecraft Commander cheat world: immerse yourself in the single player experience! Voyage for glory - join the knights of Freemoi on their never- ending hunt for treasure. Towers can be selected either by using the touch screen to tap on the tower, or if using a controller, by looking at a tower and pressing. In the build menu you may select different towers and projectiles to throw. Select the Outpost either by tapping on its icon, or use your controller’s left stick to navigate and highlight it.


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    Touch and drag your fighter to control the direction and power of the shot, then release your finger to fire. Much like throwing towers, you can throw explosive ordinance at enemies. Use the TNT to destroy the enemy’s outpost. Destroying their outpost destroyed the rest of their chain of towers, too. Tower chains are hierarchical. The higher up the chain you target the more tower you can destroy at once.

    Siegecraft Commander cheats android, ios hack codes


    The ballista will shoot down incoming enemy air units and projectiles within its range. However after firing, it will need to reload for 25 seconds. Build an armoury to gain access to different siege and defence equipment. The mortar fires AoE shells at enemy ground units. The mortar will not attack enemy towers, air units or ground units that get too close. That should deal with some of enemy troops, but the Mortar needs time to reload after every shot. We have to take out the source.

    Siegecraft Commander credits
    Build another outpost so that you can throw TNT at the enemy war camp. An outpost can only be built from your keep, or another existing outpost. Destroying the root of branch of towers will destroy all adjacent towers down the branch. The war camp here is the root of its chain; destroy it to also destroy the barracks. Build a library - it is your base for magic structures. We need to build an outpost near the crystal so that we can collect it. Then we’ll have everything we need to build the Tesla tower!

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: capturing resources (crystal and gold), unlocks the construction of some units and towers. Build an outpost in the crystal’s circle of influence to harness its power. The Tesla projects a shield around an area that stops all incoming enemy projectiles and flying units. However, it loses charges for each projectile stopped, and requires crystal to recharge. Destroy the enemy's KEEP to gain control of the map and win the battle. I can’t believe there’s more of unsophisticated heathens in our way! We have to destroy their keep and continue heading uphill.


    Squire - all noble warriors must begin their training here. You are no different, but practice well and you will become the most renowned knight of Freemoi. Skink - the littlest of lizards, you need some battle experience before you can becomes a ravaging reptile warrior. Iron willed warriors - units have a chance of surviving an attack that would normally have killed them. Serf - tending the field, fixing the farm house, this is where you start your professional training. Persevere, it can take decades to become a true craftsman.
    Siegecraft Commander hacked

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    1. 9h6KfeiAqgzm1H9 - credits
    2. GsQR7gKYvpaZrkY - trait points
    3. SZ45xC2kEPhFawS - resources
    4. lCczaL8ZzMqHAdY - crystals
    5. 0OHQEJjffcgq3V4 - gems
    6. PM6Z2so49FMjN52 - upgrade
    7. uhDQ0D3erP3FAso - level up
    8. obCtFUoJ2cKuvh3 - mana
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