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    ENDLESS cheat world:7 years ago, i finally decided to go on an adventure. I wanted to look for the clues that my parents had left during the adventure. However, it threw me into deeper confusion. Continue, or give up? Endless as it might be, i shall make the same decision, i guess….This is the first time i’ve written an adventure journal. I’ve made up my mind. From this day on, i’ll find clues about my parents during this adventure. I asked Zuoyou for help the other day. He told me to come here to the campsite and wait for him today. He said, “actually, you’ll know what to do.” But, i don’t have a clue….


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    Just now, i heard a strange collapsing sound not far away. I still have some time before meeting Zuoyou, so i decide to go and have a look with Huang. We follow the sound to the entrance of a cave, which doesn’t look to have been caused by the collapse. It looks like it has been here for many years, but i don’t remember there being such a cave in the mountain. On a black stone near the cave, there’s a strange symbol engraved by someone. I think i’ve seen it at Zuoyou’s place before. What does it mean? I decide to go inside and take a look.

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    That was close! I was busy avoiding these traps and had to leap off the steep hill. But i didn’t expect the cave would to be so deep that i couldn’t climb out now. I have to find a way out, or Zuoyou will definitely think i get cold feet again. It’s so gloomy here. I hope there’s no ghost here...And no one knows this place, so no one will come to save us. We’re on our own now. Fortunately, Ahuang is here and able to help. I hope we can get out of here safely.

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    Brick walls, clay pots and the mechanical traps. It can’t be a real ancient tomb here, can it? Could it be relevant to the ancient Dian Kingdom that uncle wang mentioned before? He knows all about that history stuff. But now we’ve got to get out of here. I look around carefully. here is the end of the tomb, and i can’t find a single crack in the walls. Looks like we’ve got to find another way. out. Maybe there’s a secret tunnel around here. All those books about tomb raiding i’ve read talk about secret tunnels, there must be one here.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: i’ve gotten out of the ancient tomb with Huang. Thank goodness! We finally see the sunshine. It is a well, it’s hard to say. It kind of gives me a strange feeling. Several wrecked and abandoned old houses, those two or three story traditional Chinese buildings, are located in this huge cave. They seem to date back to the Han dynasty, or even earlier? Maybe i should move around first. There must be a way i can climb up and get out of here.


    Tap item to collect a treasure when you get close to a bright spot. Clay pot - engraved with clear patterns, this could be something normal ancient people used in daily life. slide left thumb up and down to make me climb. Hold with right thumb, and slide left thumb to make me push and pull a box. Bronze dagger - could be commonly seen in bloody fights on ancient battlefields. Sometimes, fierce warriors cut off their enemies’ heads for conquest, and offered them up as sacrifices to their ancestors.
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