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    VALERIAN CITY OF ALPHA cheat world: i am deeply honored to meet you. We humans have waited a long time for this moment. It is my honor to make this contact. We are surprised to find life in this far corner of the Milky Way. We are fortunate your “ Omega satellite” led us here to your titan base. Welcome to our solar system called ..well, to be honest, we just call it ours. Earth, our home, is three planets away. Orbiting that is our main space station: Alpha. I hope you will join us there.


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    We would be very glad to spend time there among your people. We have much to teach each other and many more species in the stars awaiting an introduction. A universe teeming with life. It’s incredible everything we hoped. I will go to Alpha to prepare for your arrival. I’ve loaded my prototype AI, cheat-on, into your ship to guide you.

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    Welcome to the human solar system. Alpha, the ark of humanity, lies just ahead. I’ve uploaded the ship’s coordinates to your space map. Tap on a ship to display useful information about it. Tap on the recall button to guide the ship to Alpha. The holo grid shows the habitats of all of Alpha’s species - two and counting. Apparently, you “living” species need resources to live. But you have to work together to make them. As you can see, a human habitat needs something to be able to hack uranium.

    When you see ! icon, it means that the habitat has generated resources and it’s time to collect. Tap on the Milky Way sector to select it. Tap assign crew to assemble a team that can explore the sector. In this screen you can assemble a crew and assign them to an available ship. Your current ships are displayed on the left side of the screen. Once the crew is patrolling the sector, they can start scanning for new species and other opportunities.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: a mission’s difficulty is rated by power level. Try sending a crew that has a power level above or close to this number to succeed. Your missions will get you into situations and you’ll have to make choices. YOu’ll be given a few options in each situation and you can decide how risky you want to be, depending on your power level. The situation has changed, and you have a new choice to make. Each offers a possible reward. Sometimes your choice might be based on the reward you need at the time. How very human of you.


    But watch out! Some actions are more risky than others. Having a crew with the right skills makes a choice less riskly. The higher your crew’s skill level in total, the lower the risk. You can also use your missions to build your reputation with Alpha’s different species. Go to the commander center, where you can access the reputation screen. There you can see how much you have bonded with different species.

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    5. IPqOACbLvEkgzeA - energy power
    6. RlZWTAFRqGZF677 - chips
    7. i6jiFL555Na1OBS - vip status
    8. UzUBVCjIsjdfg88 - gift pack
    9. nkRBASYpyG20TOr - gold
    10. iLIMYfoaHLJuJCk - upgrade
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