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    MORDHEIM cheat world: 2000 years after the founding of the empire and during an age of civil strife, the capital of ostermark was destroyed by a giant twin tailed comet made of pure magical wyrdstone. Now the ruins are the hunting ground for hordes of merciless treasure seekers. They search for shards of the comet, which have powerful magical properties and are worth many times their weight in gold. The ruins are also the home of many horrors: rats the size of men, the walking dead and worse..much worse.


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    What manner of men come to Mordheim? What manner of men do not? What manner of man are you? Factions: Reikhland Mercenaries: through the empire Reiklanders embody the discipline and loyalty of the professional warrior. A strong traditional of martial training is responsible for their high standards of archery. Middenheim mercenaries - known as the city of the white wolf, stands on a mountain pinnacle surrounded by dark forest in the centre of Middenland. They are typically large, strongly built men with a well deserved reputation for ferocity. Marienburg mercenaries - is the largest and most prosperous trading city in the old world. Its warbands sent to Mordheim are sumptuously dressed and armed.

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    Men flock to the ruins like vultures to a corpse. The city is ringed with various camps and shabby settlements made up of people more willing to fight each other than search for treasure. SOme have a semblance of order. Most are dens of villainy where bodies are sold for tainted coin. In a tavern in the back streets of sigmar have, your hero is being hired by adolphus von Grunburg to hunt for shards in Mordheim. Select the point indicated by the arrow, and select the flashing button to confirm.

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    Use the arrows to move between warriors, and press the hire button to join your warband. Tap stat icons for more information. You can buy kit at the store or give your men instructions on what to get in the camp. It can be easier doing it here. In the vastness of the mordheim ruins there is always the risk of running into a rival warband. If you can drive middenhaimers todbringer’s revenge away you will have a larger area in which to search for wyrdstone.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the move icon shows if your warrior will creep or run to the location. Warriors with high initiative will see the enemy first. A shield behind the move icon shows that the end location has cover. The enemy will be revealed when you are closer to them. Initiate combat by selecting the attack icon. A critical hit doubles the normal damage inflicted. Some objects can be searched when you move over them.


    SOme objects can be searched when you move over them. Warriors may flee or fight poorly against a fear causing enemy. When a warrior get enough experience they will be able to advance a start or a skill. YOu have found an area filled with tiny shards of priceless wyrdstone. gather them quickly before a rival can! Moving close to a hidden character will reveal it.
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