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    The Quest Thor's Hammer cheat world: Through the winter, Thor’s Gammer reverberated in the heavens bringing thunder, lightning, even visions of dragons. Omens of evil were clear. By summer, fierce marauders from the North had come in their longboats. Theft and destruction became the norm. They looted Holy island’s abbey. No one has dared resist. They and everyone seem under a curse. Many crops failed despite the summer sun, then came disease and despair. Heroism is needed, so you were summoned. Is your sword arm still strong? You’ll face viking steel, giants, trolls and new diseases. Grab your weapon. You’ve boarded ship for hell.


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    welcome to the expansion. The expansion has been designed for low level characters. Talk to Edwin Quickblade in front of you. After that, we recommend you let Fetyl the Giant carry you to stone snout where you can report to lord Stoney in his castle. That’s your first quest. Happy adventuring. Suddenly the wind picks up and seems to whisper in your ear, saying: strengthen yourself with potions before you let the giant carry you away.

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    Race: Etherim - are natural hunters and have a high dexterity and increased accuracy with ranged weapons. They also have an innate magical ability that helps them harness magical forces. Rasvim - also known as the Undead. The rasvim are capable of becoming fierce warriors or dark mages. They have high resistance to poison and infection, but are vulnerable to spell based damage. This race has long been regarded as the most talented in thievery and assassination amongst all the races of Monares. They are intelligent, perceptive, have cat like grace and are trained in useful thief skills.

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    Derth - are gifted scholars and teachers and they can become the most powerful mages of all the races. While being stronger mentally they are also physically weaker, so are lacking in strength, dexterity and endurance. Nogur - are the natural warriors of the races and are trained to fight from birth. They are physically stronger, extremely healthy and have a high resistance to infection, but are vulnerable to magical attacks.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: get the book called “rituals of the ancients” for Ithulde the magic shop keeper in Matras. She will pay you 5000 gold coins. Combatants can only fight in battles. They can’t explore dungeons or work in the town. If you have companions you don’t need, try fusing them. You can obtain higher tier companions. If you want to finish the xploration faster, send a companion who matches the terrain type.


    If the opponent has mages or long range companions, use companions that attacks the rear first. Companions look to the left on the manage screen, but they look to the right in battles. Shield knights block attacks in the front and stop the enemy from advancing.
    The Quest Thor's Hammer hacked

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