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    ONRAID cheat world: jack (grenader) - a pro at hack explosions. Deals massive AoE damage. An array of explosive gadgets help him create a real fireworks display on the battlefield. At the same time, the shockwaves created by his main weapon - the grenade launcher - keep away melee fighters. Skills: the grenadier’s launcher shoots powerful grenades in high arch. Master of his craft - most of the grenadier’s weapons and gadgets deal area of effect damage. Shockwave explosive gadgets and missiles of the grenadier can greatly throw the opponent away.
    Dave - quick and mobile hack fighter. Moves like a whirlwind across the battlefield. His long range damage is high due to his main weapon - the rocket launcher, but he is nevertheless formidable at close range, fighting with his katana.


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    Khazak - he has a great deal of health and can regenerate it with the enemy’s lifeforce. He lays a minefield with his slime launcher and the mines detonate when an enemy gets close to them. Keeps an array of gadgets that deal AoE damage and poison enemies. Skills: Hack launcher - the Hermit’s weapon shoots slime that sticks to surfaces and detonates when the enemy gets near. Hard to kill - the Hermit has a large health pool, and his gadgets allow him to restore health and boost his armor. Toxic defender - the weapon and gadgets of the character are ideal for defensive tactic.

    ONRAID cheats android, ios hack codes


    Sigma (assault automation) - this agile fighter uses jet engines to quickly travel across the battlefield in any direction, turning enemies to ash with its laser rifle. The rifle’s beam reflects off any surface and the gadgets Sigma carries allow it to deal serious damage to enemies. Skills: Hack flight - the automaton’s jetpacks allow him to fly across battlefield, overcoming his opponents in mobility. Laser rifle - the rifle of the automaton emits laser beams that reflect from surfaces. Missiles - the automaton is able to unleash a volley of missiles, destroying enemy crowds.

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    Arnold (hack machine gunner) - a mighty tank, machine gunner is able to withstand massive amounts of damage and can buff his defense, as well as regenerate health. His machine gun deals constant damage, shopping waves upon waves of enemies. The machine gun decimates enemies at far distance, and Arnie’s gadgets can enhance his shooting skills even further. Armor piercing bullets - the barrels of machine gun have to spin before shooting, but it’s bullets are able to pierce platforms. Tank - the machine gunner is slow and heavy but has huge amount of health - a real walking fortress.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: gold - required currency for buying new boxes and characters. Can be received as a reward for matches or after missions. Metal - the main material in the mage, collected from melting equipment of rom raid boxes or hack cheats code. Used for crafting weapons, skins, and gadgets. Hero token - can be collected for defeating bosses and from raid boxes.


    Grenades: frag grenades - throws a grenade that deals massive area of effect damage. Incendiary grenades - throws several grenades that significantly increase damage after ricocheting. Buckshot - shoots buckshot rounds, dealing massive damage at short range. Practice match: easy - he bots are as they come. Mostly miss. Best for beginners. Medium - the bots are smarter and miss less often. best for players who want to polish their skills. Expert - the bots are smarter than you. They don’t miss. Best for professionals who really know what they are doing.
    ONRAID hacked

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    1. 0AEX9AsQyfib32p - raid box
    2. Hb4SSEzLAy50YYA - gold
    3. samqx1y9YjrOUSs - metal
    4. sjYBS3kcBi7qUFs - craft
    5. WmiiMvxMZxjuejr - legendary weapon
    6. M11qqKqd9VoMYiy - skins
    7. s0wmEDEpEUkMINz - gadgets
    8. qfZSGo6jSRuA0My - hero token
    9. mdLN2K7E0d15n3S - upgrade
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