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    Gardius Empire cheat world: three goddesses were born alongside the creation of the universe. Rhea of earth. Opus of time, and Cybele of light. Of the three, Rhea of Earth, carrying out the mission of creation, sacrificed herself transforming into the Gaia stone, the essence of ultimate power. The Elder - the protector - born from the Gaia Stone, made the celestial world (a vast, rich continent) to protect the Gaia stone from those seeking power. Peace prevailed...Until a giant hole formed in the sky of the celestial world. The blood eclipse...


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    Celestial war consists of battles for control over the celestial world. The restored celestial world that the elder worked hard for by destroying the Gaia stone is being devastated once again. The fight for control seems to never end...But this war must end once and for all. Go back to the past with the power of the Gaia stoe to find traces of the missing Elder and change this tragedy, commander! In order to time travel, you must establish a secure camp. There’s an abandoned castle nearby. After we get some work done on it, it’ll become a great.

    Gardius Empire cheats android, ios hack codes


    COmmander, you must build a castle to set up as camp. This is an old castle, but it’s big and spacious. It’ll be a great place to set up as your home base. As the castle is upgraded, you will gain access to more features. Remember, you have to continually improve your castle, and increase your castle’s level to gain access to different functions. When you start your upgrades, gold and the three resources that can be acquired in Celestial war will be consumed.

    Gardius Empire gold
    Once you tap the upgrade button, the upgrade will begin and finish once the requisite amount of time has passed. Use diamonds hack to finish upgrades instantly. Things happen outside of the castle too. In celestial war, you can acquire resources, items, and gold via hack cheats code. The cicious monster of the celestial world. It has been even more wild and out of control ever since the Elder’s disappearance. If you manage to defeat this dragon, you will be given an abundance of rewards, but this dragon is not one to be taken lightly.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: in order to emerge victorious in the celestial war, you need to acquire more heroes to fight alongside you. You can recruit heroes at the summoning portal. Placement - here you can get useful strategies to help complete stages. Organize the ally heroes you hacked. Once you select a configuration, it will be saved. Trading post products refresh to new products as scheduled regardless of whether they have been purchased or not. Auto turns auto skill use on and off.


    Secrets note: portraits will glow for heroes with enabled skills. Drag skills to use on specific targets. The more stars you collect in each world, the better your rewards will be. Depending on the level of your castle, you can use a new building. Characters: Agentor - wields two swords and is an expert in melee combat. Celine can deliver deadly ranged attacks using her powerful bow.
    Gardius Empire hacked

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    11. U4dgzaQ906WseX9 - level up
    12. 4Rf3U9oUBI93E1g - premium voucher
    13. 523wTRE4s7lSLTX - gift pack
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