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    . Free cheats code list Realms Of Arcana - rune, shards, gems, cloud scales, mana crystal, premium items, unlimited stamina, luxury package, beer, starstones, sockets, refinement sand, awaken, legendary item, ruby, diamonds, gold.

    Realms Of Arcana cheat world: hello, warrior! Tap on the ground to move towards desired location. Press and hold your finger on the screen to move around manually. Tap on the task panel - you can see which tasks you need to complete. Let’s begin your adventure! A great hero comes with a great skills. Next, we will guide you to upgrade your skill level. Tap on the skill icon, then tap on hack button to upgrade your skills.


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    Skills: taunt - taunt a single enemy to attack the caster, dealing damage, and it takes effects on monster with language barrier, lasts 6 seconds. Cut - cut a single enemy, dealing damage, warrior’s basic attack. Smite - consume all concentrations on target to attack. Magic bullet - attack enemy with the magic wand itself. Freeze - freeze a single target with giant ice cube instantly.

    Realms Of Arcana cheats android, ios hack codes


    Characters: archer - living as one with nature, the archer can use powerful spells, as well as fire arrows at enemies with deadly precision. Their lovely and render side are only shown to their close friends. Warrior - with a strong will and a stronger sword hand, the warrior is able to hold off a group of enemies easily. The warrior carries a righteous and pure heart, which he uses to carry the will of love and justice in pursuit of light and freedom.

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    Mage - with her body infused with magic, the mage is capable of casting powerful elemental spells that focus on area damage. Despite as a mage of few worlds and cold demeanour, she has a kind heart. Cleric - with their souls blessed with the holy light, the cleric possess strong healing and recovery powers. The clerics are known to be tolerant, impartial, pious and compassionate.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: battle - pay attention to your status panel. Tap on the enemy’s portrait to switch targets. Remember, energy is consumed for every skills you used. Tap on the skill icons to unleash skills. Miner’s magic lamp - use the magic crystal as light source for the mine’s lamp. Starstones are used to increase equipment star rating. This stone have the shape of a star, very recognizable.


    Secrets note: vagabond’s chest - the chest if filled with vagabond’s trinkets regarded as treasures. Of course, if luck wills it, you may even find a real treasure within. Hacked version: rune, shards, gems, cloud scales, mana crystal, premium items, unlimited stamina, luxury package, beer, starstones, sockets, refinement sand, awaken, legendary item, ruby, diamonds, gold
    Realms Of Arcana hacked

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    free letter secret password code:
    1. fgxDzgb6OPc6zUW - rune
    2. yNCeTKPvoNFf71C - shards
    3. cQGKT2ivL7cERv4 - gems
    4. 63214vNmiaGoD3E - cloud scales
    5. EFV4h841Zn556P6 - mana crystal
    6. C0J0seHSfn0wTqI - premium items
    7. hwDo8ls8YoPEZlM - unlimited stamina
    8. h41GCveMeycypR5 - luxury package
    9. wWv09gobUiM0ejl - beer
    10. qCqsVWyduE9KGYG - starstones
    11. Qh5OrNyzbAN5a5y - sockets
    12. Dt44zdNyq3eXFST - refinement sand
    13. 2SAsJ4MxhdHNkda - awaken
    14. 0PvaeQddF1eo7hV - legendary items
    15. 3I3puGy3th2zJpv - ruby (diamonds)
    16. lN8o80rC3IWmaYC - gold
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