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    Metro Conflict The Origin cheat world: we're gonna be giving you an MMO first look at Metro conflict the origin free-to-play first-person hero shooter currently available in early access on Steam now let's get this. The game was released in november of 2017. This game is a mix of a whole bunch of different games, for example there’s a dash of quake with health pickups and little jump pads, black ops 3 with the different heroes. And most prominently counter strike a lack of aim down except for when the gun has a sight on it the ability to drop your gun and pick up others, how you run faster when switching to your knife, and headshots being the key to success like in counter strike.


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    Hero: Big daddy - suit uses an advanced fiber arrangement to induce a current, neutralizing the change in the force field caused by the impact of a high speed bullet. It has poor energy efficiency and has no protective measure against bomb debris. This function requires 120 seconds of cooling time but has a link feature to operate simultaneously with allies that are within a radius of 20 meter. The effect last for 5 seconds. Weapon -a handy model of gatling gun with 3 firing barrels with 1,500 shots each. Despite the fact that it is over 100 kg with firearms, magazines and battery, limited mobile combat is possible depending on combat suit. Igor - this agent uses a specially designed shield to block from enemy bullets and a rapid fire rate SMG PP 2000 as his primary weapons. Use blind storm wisely in battles to interrupt enemy visions. Blind storm - when activating skills, Igor creates a magnetic area around itself. The opponent will not be able to see Igor and his team within the electromagnetic storms are triggered.

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    Characters: Geoffrey - suit repeatedly discharges microwaves using the state of the art ADS attached inside. Exposed enemies suffer from temporary physical weakness and damage, but the user is not affected. With a charging time of 120 seconds, it can operate for a duration of 3 seconds and via data link, will cause the same effect in ally suits within a 20 meter radius. Striker - suit runs a current through the wiring of a specially equipped fiber arrangement, performs unlike conventional armor reinforcement devices that use a bulletproof plate. The defense area is limited to only the body; however the performance is powerful as it completely disables high speed projectiles. The high energy consumption requires a recharge period of 180 seconds and is only operational for 2 seconds, but the effect is linked with aly suits within a 15 meter radius.

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    Weapons Metro Conflict The Origin: M224 - a new model for light mortar used by the US army. it was initially designed based on operation of a stokes mortar type but the bipod was removed to make it possible for one person to carry and shoot. The biggest benefit of using this weapon is that it uses the latest version hack cheat of mortar shells as wells as high precision aiming code system. Desert eagle - this pistol is one of the rare half automatic gas pressure types, which is designed and manufactured to use the 50AE bullets. Since 1982, it went through constant harassment and ultimately became a 2 kg massive man gun. With unimaginably powerful recoll and, also, an iconic design, this pistol remains the hot selling item in the contemporary pistol market.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: each character has their own abilities and weapons and stuff. I found myself crouching and standing still after a while because most guns have terrible aim when you’re moving even a slight bit. So in my first match i just ran around shooting at random people - maybe it’s important to have one of those tutorials. With different loadouts you can customize everything from your main weapon to your sidearm to your knife and types of grenades.


    Secrets note Metro Conflict The Origin: winner crate - a random crate for those who complete the mission - useful items for the battle are in the crate and if you’re lucky, you can get rare items. You can practice in FFA hack mode while searching for a game to play. Battle records in FFA do not count in your actual battlelog. In practice games, you can experience characters and weapons that you do not own. use hack skins and accessories to decorate your agent.
    Metro Conflict The Origin hacked

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    11. YBrYCLHpIYsLHYr - invinsible
    12. wO8NA3Q27XGs0gg - premium ticket
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