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    Beyond the Void cheat world: hi captains, i’ll show you the basics of how to hack. It’s one versus one a strategy and competitive game. You’re a mercenary captain in a stellar system. Your goal is to conquer the mother planet of your opponent. First, select your mothership. Excalibur is a tru machine of war that gives your squad heavy firepower. Wall K-2 is a defensive ship providing battlefield support on the frontline. Fusion is faster and more agile than any other ship in the battlefield.


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    Then to find an opponent click norma game or to train click AI. To develop your strategy select your mother ships skills. Choose one skill from movement offense and utility. You start the game by spawning near your planet base. The first thing to do is to manage your resources. So buy and build specific rings around your planets. The industrial ring helps you to build a strong economy. The military ring helps you forge a strong army of creeps. The engineering ring improves the specs of your mother ships.

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    Now have a look at the map. There is one lane: blue was you (your allies and your planets), red is your opposition. Small circles are defense towers along the lane. As you advance destroy your opponent’s defense towers and protect yours. Destroy enemies inside yellow camps to have additional bonuses. Conquer the white spheres which are neutral planets. They help you build additional rings. Now, captain, find the right balance between strategy and resources management to win the war beyond the void.

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    Event card have differents effects on the map and the gameplay. They affect both players the same way. Each event card have a cost in mana from 1 to 3. If you don’t spend your mana, random card will be picked for you.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: engineering ring allow you to build defense tower on asteroid field or war tower. At tier 2, unlock the research and increase the research speed by 100%. An economic ring produce an harvester every 30 seconds up to 4. At tier 2, it produce 8 of them. The swarm units is the mercenary. An military ring produce an sniper every 30 seconds for the lane. At tier 2, it produce 8 a destroyer or a bomber every 30 seconds.


    In menu you can customize your gameplay by choosing your skills. YOu can unlock more skills by spending hack cheat (or battle points), which are earned after each game. Skills: storm - create an electromagnetic storm. All enemy ship take damage every seconds while in the storm. Minefield - spawn a mine which explode to the closest enemy. Each mine take 5 seconds to be active. Blink - instantly teleports the mothership over a short distance. Shield charger - recharges nearby ally shields for a small amount.
    Beyond the Void hacked

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    1. ArgByrPXIG1xexu - cubes
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    4. RmBBvsEHBubzCDU - resources
    5. KJ9c0zUwcPwBt57 - upgrade
    6. UHQsYl7yYbdNAoI - tier 2
    7. 5G7uT7d1e6MZDJo - unlock ships
    8. tTLetGlumxcfdlr - new skills
    9. E1oJm5Mq7uqYxlh - events
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