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    Velator SEA cheat world: i’m sorry, sir. I cannot get confirmation on the situation. All i know is that the Empire’s capital has suddenly been annihilated. Helmut, they are new recruits. I will teach them how to battle. First, let me teach you how to use the ultimate skill. There are two ways to use your ultimate skill: drag the flashing skill button at the bottom right upward. Double tap the flashing skill button at the bottom right. For all heroes, when the mana is full use the ultimate skill, using whichever method you find to be easiest.


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    Our force has been damaged after the long fight. We’d better summon new heroes. Mocachu the summoner will accept summoning materials and summon heroes for you in the hero summoning area. Since it’s your first summon, i will give you a tome of prophecy. Tome of secrets summons any regular to rare hero. However, you should strengthen your hero to face stronger foes.

    Velator SEA cheats android, ios hack codes


    You can get information and manage the heroes you own through the hero management menu. But, learn about skill level ups first. You can safely practice leveling up your skills in the virtual space. Every hero owns skill points. Make sure you spent all your skill points before you go out to battle. Spend all the points on the ultimate skill, literally the most important one among them all. Tap the + button to specify how many skill points to spend. Don’t forget to spend the other skill points before you go to battle.

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    Tap the auto skill button at the bottom left corner of the screen to turn it on and your combatants will be able to use the ultimate skill appropriately. Commander, let me tell you about change view. There are three camera view modes. Action camera - emphasizes hero actions. Fixed camera offer convenient control and viewing. Tap the camera button in the top right corner to change the view. Fixed camera 1 is a zoomed in view, convenient for controlling your heroes. Fixed camera 2 - a better overview of the battle.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the basic method to get experience is to battle, but you can also increase your hero’s XP through composition. The 1 star monster can be good as composition material. The set item effect will be activated when you equip set items. The hack set offers additional attack for every 2 items equipped. Set item effects are very powerful, so don’t forget to use them. You have to be careful since enhancements are not always successful. The specific item parts will be rewarded according to the stage number in the continent.


    Horug is strong against Entrydal, but weak against Paragon. Only the ultimate skill may be activated manually. On every item enhancement, the item’s main option will be increased. Visit the Kavala temple. You can spend winner’s points to buy upgrades for all your heroes. To hack a hero, you should visit the constellation dungeon and collect hacking stone for the matching constellation of the hero. You can summon legendary or mythical heroes using the summon points acquired from the tome of prophecy or crystal hacks. There are 7 kinds of constellations, and every hero has its own constellation.
    Velator SEA hacked

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    free letter secret password code:
    1. 9BTb9bNGIxE3UjA - tome of secrets
    2. LM1C33bVT2mS8uB - crystals
    3. b0bzmCKVdEfeYus - hearts
    4. PsgmgEPjPB9gXMm - soulstones
    5. 4iexVS8poiRAziu - tome of prophecy
    6. C9ChC0Ktdf6qgqj - winner’s points
    7. 1XLEhTrnfBxVlrI - awakening stone
    8. ttBeXNOWiyau5px - key
    9. QmcLOi31dgTKCpN - upgrade
    10. YQE1RQDd7V9RIOK - treasure chest
    11. bQ9qM7zA8xpJmqK - level up
    12. ottF4BgE0qXeLbH - enhance
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