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    FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION cheat world: the kingdom of Lucis and the empire of Niflheim are trying to bring the long war between their two states to an end. The prince of Lucism Noctis, wants to negotiate a ceasefire and has set out from the kingdom with his friends. As proof of peace, the prince has been betrothed to Lunafrea of Tenebrae. noctis Lucis Caelum - heir apparent to the lucian throne. Noctis’s trials begin when he sets forth from the crown city in order to wed Lunafrea Nox Fleuret. In combat, he wields spectral weapons which he forges from thin air, a power possessed by those of his royal line.


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    Tap the floor to move the character. Tap the main menu button to see the map, quest points, character status, ascension: exploration, items and settings page. Tap the dialog promt above a character to talk. Current quest information is displayed in the top left corner of the map. When you move your character close to an enemy, you will automatically attack.

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    The AP (ascension points) you receive in your journey can be used to strengthen your character’s techniques in the ascension: exploration page of the main menu. If you need to heal your character in the middle of a battle, you can use items from your backpack. Tap the character that needs healing to use the item. Pick up ingredients and Ignis will come up with recipes. Once you have all the right ingredients for a dish, Ignis can cook it at a camp or lodge. Noct and his friends will get stronger depending on the type of cuisine.

    Skills: Chained fury - increase Noctis’ strength temporarily with each consecutive hit against the same enemy when using a sword. Antagonize - knock an enemy over with a paralyzing kick. Regenerate - heal an ally with a hidden HP recovery item. You obtained a royal arm, a weapon passed down the royal family since ancient times. Royal arms are extremely powerful, but can only be used for a limited time. Once used, they become temporarily unavailable.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: ally technique - this technique will automatically be used by your ally in battle. Every ally provides different support capabilities. Performing certain attacks with the right timing puts enemies in a weakened state. Discover how to do it and make quick work of your foes. Allies have various techniques that reflect their personalities. Tapping the button at the right time in battle will allow allies to use their techniques to assist Noctis. When your ally’s health is depleted (when their HP reaches zero), tap Rescue to restore your ally’s health.


    You can trade items in the store. You can find the stores you visited before in the main menu. Interact with merchants when you reach a new city. The weapons of Noctis and his allies can be adjusted in the Gear page. Elements are necessary to use Elemancy. Hold down the element hack icon and absorb it. hold down until the gauge is full. By absorbing the power of elemental deposit, you can unleash a powerful magic attack during battle. Each elemental Deposit will let you cast a spell of that element once.

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    7. z7feNIFXkFUVZao - treasure chest
    8. 0OFUYtAOGcUZmeO - premium pack
    9. 2U9LEtpW5mHJ00I - tickets
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