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    DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ cheat world: rescue character space - defeat the enemy on it to rescue an ally, allowing you to use them in combat. Up to three fighters can take part in the battle. Battle tutorial space - here you’ll have the opportunity to complete battle tutorials and practice the fundamentals of combat. Defeating enemies on the map might get you a skill or a KO bonus. Up to three skills can be equipped at once, all of which power up your entire team of fighters. Hack bonuses increase the amount of experience, zeni cheats, or health you earn upon defeating an opponent.


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    Skills can be equipped/ unequipped by selecting edit team from the map screen and going to player skills. You recover health after each battle won. Characters who fought recover a little health, while characters who rested recover a lot. If all of your characters’ health reached zero, it’s game over, so make sure to switch out fighters frequently to give everyone ample chance to rest! By gaining more allies, you can also prevent your pool of fighters from running dry.

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    It’s not just Goku and the other fighters who have level; enemies have them too, and their link levels also increase after each turn. But the silver lining is that defeating these powered up enemies nets you more experience. And depending on the map you’re on, a fearsome foe may emerge from the shadows. Map of the Dragon ball world - take control of the character you’ve linked with and bring an end of the chaos that’s gripping the land. Moving to a new space on the map uses up one of your allotted turns. If you runout of turns, it’s game over, so plan each of your moves wisely!

    Defeat space’s boss to advance the story. make sure to defeat the boss characters before you run out of remaining turns! Move onto an enemy’s space to start a battle with them. Battles grant experience, which powers you up and increases your link level. Your link level determines the abilities of your linked allies. Higher link levels let Goku and his friends unleash more power, so keep fighting to get stronger.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can mash any attack button and get an automatic combo. Not a strong combo, but better than nothing. Hack button dedicated mostly to projectile moves, so you can shoot ki blast with a single button press. Once you get used to the game, it may still be daunting to remember unique combos for each of the 3 characters on a team. That’s why the game has a standard combo that works with every character.


    Then when you are finally ready, you can delve into each character’s unique options and learn the strongest combos. Special moves are also done very easily in this game, only utilizing quarter circle joystick motions, and down down (22). Super mover are also easy to perform, done like specials moves, but with 2 attack buttons, or a shortcut button. Now let’s delve into the system hack and explain the button layout. There are 3 basic attacks: light, medium, and heavy. They can cancel into each other. The S button is dedicated to projectile normals and projectile specials. The projectile mormals adhere to similar cancel rules and can be canceled into the character's specials. A1 and A2 are the assist buttons. They perform actions with the first and second teammate accordingly.

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