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    Tiger Knight cheat world: in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, the Yellow turban rebellion raised and tormented the vast land. In 184AD, Bo Cai, the general of yellow turban, led a large army to besiege Changshe city. And the garrison at Changshe city chose to close gate for defense. After 2 months’ deadlock, weather changed and the defender - Huangfu Song decided to strike back under the strong wind. An imminent counterattack is ready...


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    Shield can block all frontal attacks. Get near and press E button to kill enemy. Press number button 2 or slide middle button to switch to bow. Hold left mouse to aim enemy and release to shoot. Hold left button to charge attack. Then release to deal more damage once the charging is full and lightened. Get near the horse and press F to mount. An enemy general appears, defeat him to win the battle. Press M to zoom in or out the mao to check the location of camps of both sides and random stronghold.

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    The flickering red exclamation mark is an alert message from a teammate, which might be an explore or support request. Supply site - gain supplies, such as arrows, shields and steeds. Mercenary site - recruit mercenaries. Medical site - buff and recover the HP of your troops. CLick upgrade on the navigation bar to enter the upgrade interface where you can unlock new units and tech and also buy equipment. In this interface, you can choose different promotion paths and also control the corresponding soldiers.

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      Camp Tiger Knight:
    • the state of Wei was established by Cao Pi in 220, based upon the foundations laid by his father, Cao Cao. During which, the state held a population of 4 million people. The government system in Wei inherited many aspects from that of the Eastern Han dynasty. In 256, Sima Yan forced the last Wei ruler to abdicate the throne and then established the Jin dynasty, which indicated the collapse of Wei.

    • Rome, was formerly known as “the senate and the people of Rome,” abbreviated as “SPQR”. SInce the beginning of 5th century BC, the Romans became a great power in the west of the Mediterranean after overcoming some of the Latin alliances and Etruscan neighbors and conquering the aborigines in the south of the Italian peninsula and Greece. After conquering Carthage, Illyrian, Macedonia< Gaul and certain parts of Asia, the Roman empire dominated the Mediterranean around the first century.

    • The state of Shu was founded by Liu Bei, an imperial relative, based in the area around Xichuan and Central Han. In 221, Liu Bei contested Cao Pi’s claim to the trone and proclaimed himself the Emperor of Shi Han’s. He viewed Shu as a continuation of the fallen Han Dynasty. In 263, Wei launched an all out attack against SHu, and conquered it’s capital Chengdu without much struggle.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: 2 steps to promote this position - unlock and purchase. Unlocking: consumes corresponding soldier’s experience. If it is not enough, use prestige, which is available for all positions. Purchase: click the orange button to buy unlocked equipment.The equipment you bought for the soldiers will be auto equipped. Double left click the equipment to equip it. Click soldier card to select the units to battle. The system will find a matched opponent according to the unit level.


    It’s never easy to get a brilliant adjutant. In the battlefield, you always need an adjutant. More requirement required for high level adjutants. If the your equipment’s level is higher than it’s level, the equipmen’t properties will drop down to troop’s level. You can quickly improve your fighting capacity by watching the game video. Duting the game, player can win advantages by capturing medical site, supply site and recruitment site.
    Tiger Knight hacked

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