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    Helix Horizon cheat world: i am a travelling swordmaster from the Orient. i am at your service. The battle duration countdown - you fail if you cannot defeat the enemy within the allotted time. The orange bar stands for the character’s action gauge. Once the bar is filled up, the skill can be used. Tap characters’ avatars to release their skills. Tap character’s avatars to deploy them.


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    If your enemies are knocked back to the edge of the battlefield, natural forces will be triggered and the enemies will be directly eliminated.Use this to your advantage. Warriors, knights and archers deal physical damage. Mages and priests deal magical damage. Tap hack to manually select the consumable cards used for enhancement. Tap auto select to view consumable cards recommended by the system. Consuming cards of the same career grants extra experience.

    Helix Horizon cheats android, ios hack codes


    Consume duplicate cards to evolve the character. Tap the floating characters to remove them from the formation. The resources produced by Apex tower are distributed evenly into multiple chests. The more chests you find, the more resources you loot. There are 5 types of careers: warrior, knight, archer, mage, priest. Warriors march on, knights hold the battle line, archers and mages deal great damage in back rows, priests heal teammates.

    Helix Horizon arena coins
    When leveling up your characters, more experience can be gained from using the cards of the same profession. Reach level 27 and clear the chapter 4 of mainline to unlock the badge stages. You can use badges to promote your characters to a higher military rank, which will raise the characters’ level cap too. As your skill level increases, upgrading skills may require skill books as well as gold.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: rewards have been claimed and related items can be checked in the pack. Level up your team to specified levels to claim relevant rewards (each reward can be claimed once). Rewards will be sent directly to your inventory.Please check it out after claiming the rewards. Sing with different noble forces to get different resources. Helix Tower and city council provide gold and AP. House Jorkathur, house Barfarenka and House Olinu provide arena coins and skill books.


    Useful team formation strategy: knights and warriors charge in the front, archers and mages deal damage in the back row, priests heal the other members. Mercenaries Goldhand can even help you overthrow the regime of a country. If you promise to advertise for them, they can even give you a 20% discount.
    Helix Horizon hacked

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