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    Hyper Universe cheat world:only you will get the gold and experience from hack cheats code, skills, and consumable items, not your teammates. Springs let you instantly move to a higher floor. Defense turrets target enemies that enter their range of sight first and enemies that attack nearby hypers. Killing monsters grants more gold and items than killing minions. Pressing hack key - automatically upgrade your equipment according to the rules you have set. It’s a good idea to upgrade one piece of equipment to its maximum before upgrading the next.


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    When an allied defense turret or minion defeats an enemy, the gold is also given to nearby allied hypers. The same amount of gold is given to the character who defeated an enemy hyper and any hero who assist them. Springs and warp portals can be used a limited number of times. They take time to recharge. Defense turrets will prioritize enemy heroes that attack allied characters. Defense turrets can detect stealthed hypers.

    Hyper Universe cheats android, ios hack codes


    Jack (dangerous magician) - this hyper combines excellent survival skills and sustained firepower. He lacks a big killing skill but makes it up by being nearly unkillable himself. This means he relies heavily on his regular attack and sustained engagements to do damage. Allen (hero of legend) - this hyper has a spread of versatile skills that serve him well in any fight. Paired with his above average damage, he can challenge anyone else on the battlefield and keep the corralled. He also gains additional boosts based on the order in which he uses his skills. Green pit bull - deals with enemies by hindering their movement. When learned with allied powers it can lock down enemies to be picked off. And under ideal circumstances, its health can continue to grow over the course of the battle.

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    Characters Hyper Universe: Arslan - this features a mix of mobility and disruptive skills that are perfect for newcomes. He can launch ambushes or retreat from bad situations in an instant, all while growing stronger as his health gets lower. Jennifer - has exceptional mobility and excels at initiating fights. her ability to dows the enemy at certain damage breakpoints lets her benefit from an aggressive approach. With her ability to shift floors at will , ambushes and causing chaos are hero specialties. Athena - can take and keep on rolling, making her perfect for aggressive advances. With all of her rushing and disruptive skills she excels at picking fights, but needs the support of her allies to finish enemies off.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: check the practice hyper’s information and upgrade their equipment. You’ll start the match with your selected equipment set, which can be upgraded with gold earned during battle. Equipment improves your hyper’s stats. Click the rotation tab to try out preset equipment for your current hyper. Warp portals teleport you quickly across the battlefield. snake ladders with the interaction key to make hypers climbing on them fall.


    Defeat monsters to obtain experience, gold, and consumable items that grant various effects. If a hyper is near an enemy hyper when there are defeated, the hyper will gain experience vern if they did not participate in the battle. Destroy the enemy’s inner defense turret to summon allied sentinels. Gold obtained by your team is dispersed to all allied hypers.
    Hyper Universe hacked

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