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    . Free cheats code list Endless Space 2 - dust, energy, science, resources, skill points, anomalies, eden incense, luxury deposit, population, food, metall, gold.

    Endless Space 2 cheat world: sacred harvest (population transformation improvement) - more a rite than a construction, this event accepts the voluntary sacrifice of a guardian in order to improve the morale of the system population. Full of the sonorous language of the Unfallen, ancient rites of fire, and clouds of smoke and dust, it is as impressive and moving as it is encouraging and renewing. Fire is present as symbol both of death and life, and dust, like fumes, uplifts and invigorates the population.


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    Unfallen - an ancient race who have lived simple, harmonious lives for millennia, the Unfallen seek peace with the other races of the galaxy. Guardians - born from dormant seeds of same ancient entity. Guardians thrive on planets where they are keepers of the forest and proponents of peace. A population reacts to political events so that it can augment or reduce the effects of this event. Also, special traits can generate alternate effects on other political parties.

    Endless Space 2 cheats android, ios hack codes


    Impact Beacon (fleet action) - will summon a vine from an adjacent “entwined” system. The Vineship must stay in position until the Vine reaches the system. Cerebral reality (system improvement) - this extension of VR entertainment technology permits many individuals to think, rather than play, together. The boost to science and productivity is worth the surprising effect of an occasional bizarre dream excerpt from a user who has dozer off. Drone networks - operating independent of terrain, weather, and transportation infrastructure, squadrons of drones can deliver materials across a planet in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods - whether they are sowing seeds or supplying raw materials.
    Endless Space 2 dust
    Intensive cultivation ( food hack) - work an accelerated evolution of crops combined with genetic modification radically improves food output while increasing pest resistance. Sustainable farms (food cheats) - advanced in sait biology have opened the gate to new, low impact farming methods that reduce the need for water, fertilizer, and sunlight. In addition, crops will be able to grow in extremes of temperature and sail quality. Xenobiology ( technology - science and exploration hack) - studies of sail samples from other planets, when combined with advances in understanding of extremophilic bacteria, permit scientists to create the conditions necessary to enable Unfallen roots to take hold in frozen ground.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: rare earth foams cheats - scarce and difficult to manipulate, specialized Unfallen can nonetheless extract the rare earth metals from deep underground. The ability to create viable metallic foams from these unusual metals gives a boost to cutting edge astro technology. Efficient shielding - by augmenting the natural magnetic characteristics of the hull material and using fighter alloys in construction, this improved ship design gives bonuses to tonnage and improves kinetic and missile defense.


    Exploration ships can use probes to either reveal curiosities or look for isolated star systems. Send a rootship to an uncolonized system and use the implant beacon fleet action. Tendrils can only be used to colonize adjacent systems. Anomalies can be found by studying Curiosites.
    Endless Space 2 hacked

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    1. A6YwhJNghDjytVU - dust
    2. voW4766SVaJQnsp - energy
    3. TtiyS6omRgOu3Fo - science
    4. Xli3Lk70gfWXG7O - resources
    5. 0oJja4fSRzvmjTM - skill points
    6. DjnoMa0rITKYITJ - anomalies
    7. 6C2qEoaeBUG8zQf - eden incense
    8. P0Xc8vIPTxd9iJ8 - luxury deposit
    9. 7NhN7XhuWFhxaUD - population
    10. D6mSsFKyvprCNrM - food
    11. obyTswqaCbms2ka - metall
    12. s2WhQdwj5zdVSoC - gold
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