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    Kingdoms and Castles cheat world: we’re going to select a medium difficulty because that’s going to allow us for the purpose.We show how to start off your kingdom while also dealing with the inevitable viking raids and dragon attacks. The first order of business is we got to drop down our keep so we’re going to find a nice piece of land where there is going to be some decent fertile soil. You can tell which one’s fertile just by the color - the dark green is very fertile, light green is fertile and then barren you cannot grow any food. We need to do is start off by getting houses and farms.


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    Click an keep advisors (agniculture, city, military) to hear their counsel. We’ll need farms first to feel our workers.Farms, orchards, and bakeries produce food. Let’s begin growing our kingdom with some roads, then houses. Roads - expands your buildable area and allows peasants travel faster. Hovel - houses up to 5 villagers. The head of household fetches food and charcoal for the home.

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    Library - provides happiness per knowledge, gains knowledge over time. Bridge - allows villagers to cross rivers. Stone: build a quarry near light colored stones. Charcoal makers produce charcoal from wood. Wood - click a file with trees to chop them down or build a forester. Market workers carry extra food and charcoal to the market to create easy access for heads of household. Farm - produces food depending on soil fertility. Food not stored by winter’s end is lost. Windmill - improves productivity of farms adjacent, does not affect orchards.
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    If you click on the house you can see that there’s a happiness score, if your villagers or peasants are too unhappy they’re going to leave town and you can some of the things they need access to increase their happiness. They need charcoal hack, neighbors, access to roads, access to a well. Well - provides access to water in case of fire. Also reduces chance of fire spreading nearby. Town square hold festivals to increase happiness, hack, cheats and attract new peasants. Quarry - produce stone, build near light colored stone. Charcoal maker - takes charcoal and iron and turns it into tools or armaments.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: mason - repairs damaged structures with stone. Stores food - farmers bring food here to store after each harvest. Food that can’t be stored by the end of winter is lost. No idle workers available - close buildings to free up workers or wait until existing construction is finished. Cottage - has 3 heads of household for bringing food and charcoal to the home.


    Sire, did you see the dragon? Perhaps we should build some defenses in case it ever decides to return. Archer tower - attacks enemies that come within range. Range increases the higher the tower. Stone gate - build and stack to form walls and towers. Taller walls are harder for enemies to destroy. Treasure room - allows you to tax peasants, stores 1000 gold.
    Kingdoms and Castles hacked

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