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    Battle Chasers Nightwar cheat world: years have passed since the great warrior and leader of men, Aramus, Vanished. Left behind were his mighty gauntlets, artifacts of untold power, giving their wielder the strength to move the stories were told. Also left behind was his daughter, Gully. She discovered her father’s gauntlet’s setting in motion the events that would make her a target of great importance, and bring her into the company of her greatest defenders.


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    Knolan, the wise and mighty wizard. whose tongue is as sharp as his wit. His mysterious companion, Calibretto, a war golem of immense power. Garrison, a swordsman, once brother in arms to Aramus, now sworn to protect his only living kin. And the rogue Red Monika, who can be foe as quickly as friend. Together, they have traveled the Capital lands while defending Gully from those who seek the power of her gauntlets for themselves.

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    Knolan, on a personal quest to learn more about mana. Which fuels the world’s magic and technology, has led the group towards a mysterious landmass known as the Chescent isle. there, was reserves of mana were once rumored to exist. As they approach the island, they quickly discover why so little is known about the area...
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    Decades after its construction, the final order was given to abandon the Iron outpost completely. Remaining mana on the island was so scarce that no major operation could be viably sustained. The conflicts Vancelor was dealing with elsewhere became full blown wars, relegating the once critical island to obscurity. As military forces withdrew, the original inhabitants were left to fend for themselves, often contesting with criminal forces hoping to uncover and extract any remaining sources of mana, no matter the cost. As this happened, major communication lines with the people there were essentially cut off, creating the air of mystery that currently defines the land.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Each party member has their own unique dungeon skills. You can swap out the active party member in order to use each’s abilities to explore and interact with the world. You can open your compendiu, and check the skills section to see what each hero’s dungeon skills do. Calibretto’s Revitalize dungeon skill can heal the party. Garrison passive skill - builds overcharge faster and has a larger overcharge pool. Quickstep - a dash that avoids trap damage and adds a massive haste buff to Garrison if he initiates combat with it.


    Ground smash - briefly stun all nearby enemies. Stun carries over into combat. Also breaks weak walls. Revitalize - restores party health by a moderate amount. A series of complicated pipes work to move the town’s water supply. Since you know nothing about plumbing you decide it’s best to leave it alone.
    Battle Chasers Nightwar hacked

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