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    Monster Avenue cheat world: i know this is not the right time to explain it, but let me help. You can defeat the monster with your cards, master. For now, let me explain how to use these cards. Bottom, you see 5 cards right? You can use these cards to fight. The cards will consume some mana. Rach card consumes different amount of mana and the more mana that the card consumes, the stronger it is. First, let’s attack the enemy by choosing a unit card. Unit cards are the most basic way to attack the monster.


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    By using unit cards, the enemy will receive damage amount as much as the attack given. So, let’s drag a card up and drop it on the monster. Unit cards does not only give damage but you will also get variety of effects depending on the skill that the units have. You can check it as you use it. If you turn ends, the enemy will start attacking. You have to keep an eye on your stamina.

    Monster Avenue cheats android, ios hack codes


    If the enemy’s turn ends, it’s now your turn to attack again. If it’s your turn, you'll get cards as many as before, all consumed mana is also recovered. And you will get 4 more mana than before. Magic cards are able to restore stamina, change the ground, and etc. These cards have unique effects. First, let’s use the magic card to recover your stamina. Drag the magic card and drop it on the monster. If you use the magic cards in the right time, you can get many benefits from them.
    Monster Avenue soul gems
    Equipment cards can strengthen the unit cards. They won’t give any effects if they stand alone, but if you use them together with unit, you will get great power. When the equipment card is on - drag a unit card that will absorb the equipment card’s effect and drop it on the enemy. Equipment cards are the same with other cards, if you have enough mana you can equip several cards. Id addition, compared to using all mana, there are more tremendous effective ways to deal more damage enemy, so keep trying other new ways.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: when you don’t have cards with enough mana, your enemy’s turn will start automatically. Leader skill is a skill effect that will be activated when you choose a unit card as a leader. The skill effect will be different depending on which unit card you choose. And at the entrance of the dungeon, you can check your cards and ask for your friend's help. When being accompanied by other adventurer’s help, your leader skill and the adventurer’s leader skill will overlap and boost your cards’ power! The adventurer who help you will also get a small reward.


    cheats note: wait, soul brighter. let’s me first explain to you how to proceed the dungeon. See the device below? You can move through the dungeon using roulette. When you touch and hold the screen, the roulette will start to rotate and a graph will appear. If you remove your finger from the screen, the graph will stop, and you will move depending on the movement distance that is determined by where the graph stop. There are two summoning gems. first in honor summoning gem that can be bought by honor point or hack cheats code. The second is soul summoning gem that can be bought by soul gems. By hacking soul gems, you cna have this kind of powerful souls as your companion.
    Monster Avenue Characters: summoner - a youth who broke free from the wizard tower to show his talent to the outside world. Knight - a girl who learned martial arts since a young age in order to help people in need. Bard - a joyous wanderer who is travelling around the world to seek interesting stories.
    Monster Avenue hacked

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    5. Li7G1L3fX9ZYDAX - soul gems
    6. WXIkKBj7DjTBl7k - honor
    7. 2nKT6jxaBM8mQDz - level up
    8. uofBn4yAFftiOC5 - diamonds
    9. nwnydHxMBLkNxRq - upgrade
    10. 0aF2iksMqYxAQh1 - legendary card
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