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    Oxygen Not Included cheat world (warriors of chaos) : resources - raw metal (copper ore), mineral (sandstone, granite, igneous rock), cultivate soul, edible (field ration), organic (rigae, contaminated dirt), consumable ore (coal, oxylite). Recipes hack: farming tech, fine dining, gas pining, temperature modualtion, insulation, pressure management, Liquid piping, sanitation sciences, medbay.


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    Microbe musher - produces low quality food for duplicants using common ingredients. Characters will not fabricate unless recipes are queued. Interior decor - boosting items to counteract the gloom of underground living (unlock blank canvas, ceiling lamp, mess table, sculpling block). Percolation - waste management techniques to keep your base clean and livable (unlock: bio distiller, electrolyzer, water purifier). Sanitation sciences - make daily ablutions less of a hassie.

    Oxygen Not Included cheats android, ios hack codes


    Characters: Elvira (naturally robust) - can’t remember a time when she wasn’t blankeled in the cold embrace of darkness. Horato (amphibious) - always feel as if someone is staring at them, although people rarely are. Woodrow (night owl) - are exceptionally bad at reading social cues and never know when to stop talking. Attributes: creativity - affect the speed and quality of a duplicant’s artistic creations. The learning attribute determines a character’s skill training and research effectiveness.
    Oxygen Not Included multiplayer
    Algae deoxydizer - becomes idle when the room enters maximum air pressure range. Base - maintain your colony’s infrastructure with these homebase basics. Electrical wire - connects buildings to power sources. Can be run through wall and floor tiles. Manual generator - a power source that must be manually operated to produce electricity.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: unlock new technologies through the power of science. Amenities to keep your duplicants happy, comfy and efficient. Spruce up your colony with some lovely interior decorating. Keep your heroes’ spirits high and their bellies full. Oxygen - everything you need to keep your colony breathing.


    Tricks: pressure management - unlock technologies to manage colony pressure and atmosphere. Temperature modulation - novice research is required to unlock basic technologies. It can be conducted at a research station. Farming tech - produce food by mastering the peaceful art of agriculture. Compost - breaks contaminated dirt down into fertilizer.
    Oxygen Not Included hacked

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